Intruder From The Fiery World

Written by Brian Pierre-Alexander |
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I remember going to bed Sometime between the hours of 5:00 am—5:30 am when I fell into the dream state of the subconscious. I saw myself sitting outside on the eastern side of my house waiting for the rising of the sun. On the mountain top I saw a fire rising above the mountain expanding with every second forming into a "Funneled Tornado" with a distinctive “Dark Red color with streaks of Black” protruding. As it grew in size it gave the perception of a hell’s fire and something spooky is going to happen.


I watched and followed it with my eyes as it wiggled its way over my house, I ran to the western side of the house to monitor its final destination. 200 miters away from my house it spat a fiery log into the streets outside Joggie’s Mini-Mart, it was the settings from a science fiction movie, but anyway, from that log evolved and erected a tall male figure with a huge knife in his hand dripping with flames.


He started walking in an easterly direction, 20 yards away from the Mini-mart appeared the 100 steps So he made his way up those stairs and made a right turn on to a  private dirt road, this is when a bit of fear entered, because this is the North side of my neighbor’s house. What is he going to do now, who is he going to kill? Suddenly I heard a creepy, scary voice shouting a name, keeping my eyes fixed in the direction I heard the shouts again, I saw the man approaching the front of my neighbor’s house yelling a woman’s name, no one came out apparently of fear pretending to not be home I presume, at this time daylight was already upon us.


After a few minutes without any response he proceeded in the direction of my house, I begun to shot all windows and doors before he comes over the walls on to my property. With a loud and vicious voice he began shouting the name of the woman as if she was hidden away inside my house, I stood quiet not making a sound watching him through a little bitty crack of my curtains. After a couple of minutes he did the same and proceeded down my driveway leading back into the streets, midway down the driveway a large silver wolf came from nowhere and jumped and subdued him.


Mere seconds after, two men came down some rope extensions that were thrown from a helicopter, they held the man and relieved him of the weapon, the silvered wolf just backed away and ran off, and the men who appeared to be of some kinda special forces, hovered away in the helicopter with the intruder from the fiery world.


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Author: Brian Pierre-Alexander
I am a 53 year old poet from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Trinidad, I've been writing poems and lyrics to songs since in the 1980's more like a hobby. My aim is to spread the effects of my poetry and writing skills in the social and individual life of people, while I sand paper and polish up my skills as i go along.


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