Irrationals Lend Order to Infinity

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      The earth is centered in an energy field called a fractal torus form. The earth itself is as just dust settled into a 4d space-time distortion field; and, though the earth may seem relatively solid to us there is actually mostly empty space between its atoms. So, what is it that brings a measureable order to this space-time depression in which we spend our lives living as in a cosmic dust bowl?

      It is a property, a law of the land in nature's geometry that though things may repeat they are never again exactly the same. That is, any one item may appear in an infinite number of ways; that is natural order as is, and is the being that drives evoltuion; hence it is survival. It is then something about the mental mirror-of-concepts (reflected in/as a near infinite number of fractal neural arrangements in our brains). With all the possible real co-ordiate points in space-time, it is the mental mirror that lends them shape and form. 

       Mankind's geometry has traditionally been relative to the euclidean, but nature tends   to a geometric property by which all form self repeats to form the whole; no matter the finished space-time shape. That repetition, the re-iteration that creates shape is called fractal geomety. It is plants and trees, lightning and cracks in what can freeze; everything in nature stems from repeating fractal forms (microbes, fish, animals, birds, planet orbits and cosmic shapes). What then of the mind's mirror is the sorting mechanism for natures 'order'? How, from an infinity of possible space-time co-ordinate frequencies are the 'norms' of a world (that surrounds us) sorted into light spectrum colors, audible notes and octaves, smell, taste, touch, rationale, and imagination?

      The whole world, as percieved, is but  one of natures 'ractal-geometry 'time-lapse' images on a retina. Neurons of the brain then seek an average from that input, or, what mathematics calls a fourier series 'medium norm' (not to be confused with an ether). All incoming information to the brain is filtered through its networks (for storage, mixing and        matching) to typify concepts already experienced and stored for future construction of perceptive shapes and form. The essential concepts of natures geometry, which the brain stores, are typified in mathematics (with respect geometry shapes) by what are called the irrational numbers, or, universal constants (such as: phi, pi, e, (i)^i, etc). What is filtered from an inifinity of co-ordinate input points and/or incoming frequencies (eg; light, sound) is  displayed as an average (fourier series) medium norm; as an ordered image of a world.

      The irrationals are the medium-mirror of the mind for all things. Fourier-series averages themselves (thee so-called 'medium' norms of the world) approach irrational values. That is, any space-time(lapse) retinal image forms a blur, becomes chaotic round the edges as perception nears some version of a perfect concept-form. What lies beyond a frequency medium norm is the chaos which might be termed white-noise, a muffling effect, a blur, or   simply some state of hearing or sight loss.

       An alien from another world with a different neural network may see chaos where we do see order, and vice verse; just as we might on visiting an alien environ of totally different frequency spectrums and/or patterns; we might not see shapes as we do here, or, just be blind . Science wise it means that 'whatever' the neural network does not reflect as the usual spectrum frequency-medium norm is invisible or silent to us (aka; the predator's technology; from the scifi movie series).


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