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i    Interesting things happen in our world. Yesterday, March 16, 2020, at 1 p.m. EST, North Korea reported one posative result for the corona virus, but at 1:04 pm, they reported 0. A big, fat ZERO.  A math degree isn't necessay, we can all do the simple adding. In Afghanastan, they had more than 50 positive cases in quarentine, but they attacked the guards and broke out windows to flee the containment. Only God can save their citizens. In North Korea, the people will simply not report their illness due to , well...being killed. So the virus will run rampant there. I wonder how many of their citizens will die. Same in Afghanastan, the virus will run wild.

   Back to the USA, home sweet home. I work with seniors, and was sent home this morning because it is no longer safe to work there. Me, I will be fine no matter what happens. I hold a personal opinion on all of this, and it goes down deeper than my bones. MY opinion is that if God chooses to take everyone over 60, world wide, all of us in day, who...who are we to complain? We have had more than 60 years to come to terms with the death we will all have to face one day. The paronoia is rediculous, but again, that is only my opinion. We should all be grateful that our children and grandchildren will not be struck down. It seems to me, that for me, it is easy to die for my child and his child. Not such a big thing in my opinion. Make no mistake, I am not sitting on a golden throne saying or thinking that it will never happen to me. The odds are high against me. My concern is for those in my household who are over 70 with compromised immune systems. BIG Concern there.All I can really say is that if it happens to me, and I will know within probably three weeks, then it is okay with me. I do pray that if this awful virus is going to kill my body, I pray that the Lord take me quickly. I do NOT want to infect even the lowliest of the low. nope, I could not bear it.

   Have you seen the map that the New York Times has published which shows clearly where the virus has tested posative to the most people. On the northeast coast, it is almost entirely red, and slowly reaching southward. It is already into Virginia, with even one case in my town. They sent her home to self quarentine. Who is going to take care of her? who is going to bring her food when she cannot rise from bed? They are talking about opening up Hotels to use for quarentining people. It is interesting that they keep talking about a need for more respirators in the hospitals, yet... they do not admit them into the hospital when they are sick with the virus. Oh, I understand why, the hospitals are loaded with people who have underlying conditions and compromised immune systems.

   I do hope and pray that none of you who read this, as if ANYONE reads this, (HA!) I hope the virus passes you by, and that your families and loved ones continue on in good health. It reminds me of those times in Moses' day, when the Angel of Death came and took all the first borns, well, there was the safety of lamb's blood over the doorway, and the Death Angel would pass by that home. I truely wish we had that option. 


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Author: Catherine Lindsey
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