Kahlil Gibran's TEARS AND LAUGHTER: Recast In The True Poetic Form

Written by P. S. Remesh Chandran |
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It has been a challenge to music and poetry lovers to rediscover the tunes hid by Gibran in his songs. A Metaphysicist himself, some uncanny mystic fate surrounded and enveloped his poems which made them immune to unripe persons. Whoever went after Gibran to find these tunes had to suffer the same fate depicted by the poet in his poems. That is why the tunes and versifications discovered earlier never came to the printer’s press. The strike of fate on those unfortunates who attempted to recast his poems earlier might have been such forceful and complete that they never could have risen again in their lives. Recasting Gibran poems to bring out the rich musical content in them is easy, but surviving and surpassing the fatal strikes extended from the mystic hallow surrounding the poems is not at all easy. 

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First published in 2013.

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