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The night that turned a seventeen boy in to a man........

Moscow was about to sleep when he remembered that he forgot his ball at the back in the garden,

 it is was heavy raining outside that night. He took the small blacket that was lying in the chair to cover himself. he opened the door and ran to the back , the light at the back was not on, it was very dark , But he is not scared of the dark , As he was running , he was stopped by the scarry sound hrrrrrrrrrrrr , he loocked around but no sign of where the sound comes from, He started to think about the Anaconda moive he was watching with his siblings, He was shaking but didn"t want to go back in the house, he can"t sleep without his ball. The sound stopped then again it"s started , this time it came back with a bright , bright light. he looked scared and he said hello! hello ! anyone there! he went straight to the light , He found himself in a helicopter, something pushed him to sit down, he was very scared but he could not speak now, Then that thing dropped him on top of the big rock, He saw tiny people but could not recognise them, but can hear voices . He heard the loud voice says ohhhhhhh our god as came, they all came and knee infront of him crying, praising , calling him, 

Then two people came forward and explained to him , Dear lord please give blessing to everyone here , Moscow agreed. The lady said,  my lord ,my king . We are struggling here , no water , no food , The are solders who are killing each and everyone of us everyday, We been praying, fasting for this day. Moscow did not know what to do or say , He just responded and say , All is well now , I am here, the people were dancing , singing celebrating the return of their lord , 

Celina and John said my lord lets go this side,Do you see that big white house Celina pointing it ? Moscow replied yes  i can see it , Celina said that where the solders stay. They went to the cage , inside that cage there is a nice house , with bedrooms , kitchen and dining room, Celina sais my king this is your home . Moscow walked and looked around the house and ask Celina are you sure ? is this my house ? Celina smilled and say yes my lord this isn your home and i am your servant , He replied and say thank you and please call me moscow , Celina replied  my lord I  cant call you with your name , He said oka,y call me King Moscow. and Tell everyone to call me King Moscow . I am going to lie down now , I am tired. Good night. 

The solder"s has heard that the lord has return . Their King gather them together to discuss a plan to defeat the lord. They were making thir weapons amd bombs to kill the lord and his diciplines. Early in the morning they went to the village to kill people , Moscow jumped up to bed when he hear the sounds of gun shots. he dressed and open a bedroom door . he found Celina standing at door waiting for to wake up. My lord the solder"s have arrived they are killing children and women out side they are saying they waiting for you to stop them. Moscow asked Celina how can I stop them. Celina said I dont know my king, But you have to do what you have to do to save your children. He went outside and Roerrrrrrrrrr and said Hey stop what you are doing . kill another soul and see what will happen to your children and wives now. They stopped and throw their weapons down and knee. Their king said what are you doing fools kill him. Moscow went straight to and say I am arresting you now for 100 years... He asked their solder's to take him away and lock him in his cells and realise everyone they have locked in their jail. And they did so........people knee down thanking and praising thier lord . Celina smilled and said lord you start to trust your powers. Things started to change as  the years going.. King moscow introduced farming for husbands, schools for children , kitchen soups for wifes, everyone was now free and living health and free life, childrens had parks to play . there were churches, school , factories , Moscow started his soccer team and teach children soccer . everything was perfect until the last year , after seven years when Moscow have to return home now . his people were crying asking him to not go bsck. He explain that he has to go to his family now. He appointed Celina to be their queein. He  the bright light came and take him back to his garden and he took his ball and went back to the house to sleep.......THE END

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Author: lindelwa ntini
Writing vanishes my problems, heals my pain , writing is my inspiration , shows me the side of me that i don't know, the brave & smart , Writing is part of my values and beliefs , The person that i am when i'm not writing is a fake me , because by then I am not free i'm living to please other people but not me. But in my writing i am not afraid to say NO ,I am FREE.


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