Knowing God

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When I was five, I asked the Lord…
To please protect my mom, my world
He whispered to my soul, “I will”
And went on to protect her from pain
From worry, doubt, fear and depression
From all the things that might have effected
Her hope and faith and love and grace
Everything that made her my favorite place
To go for a taste of what God created as
Inspiration, joy, enlightenment and hope
Everything that made my life so worthwhile

When I was ten, I asked Him again…
“Lord, please protect my mom, my friend”
He answered me with the assurance
That He would always be there, guarding,
Defending and shielding her from harm
From storms that linger on and on
From destructive thoughts and feelings
From pains that are in need of some healing
He would always be alive, a hope and guide
For her to depend upon, always aware that
He had her heart in His hand, sheltering

When I was twenty, I requested His ear….
He listened to me, in spite of my childishness
He didn’t reprimand me for my cynicism
But let me whisper all my dreams to Him
Who lingered there with me, like a Father,
Listening to my heart and filling me with hope
For the moments when I would plead for
Forgiveness for all the things I had done wrong
The thoughts that told me I was so wicked
A sinner who needed a savior who would care
And give me grace to fill me with true faith

When I was thirty, I knew Him a little better
And reasoned with Him for happiness restored
By love that had given me second chances to feel
Enlightened and brightened by the happiness within
The joy that came from sharing life with the one
Who would eventually lead me into the sincere
Relationship that spoke to me of inner peace
And welcomed me with sparks of love that spoke 
From kind eyes that revealed the total truth
Love this wise and warm shines like the sun
Into the heart of those God created to love

When I was forty, I knew I was someone who 
Loved the truth more than the lies I’d been told
Of hatred and pain, feelings that left me aching within
And spoke to me of tomorrows that were lonely
And filled with a sense of melancholy and despair
Anger that was never aware of the truth I knew
God was pure and true and He would protect me too
From the hatred that rained down through the pain
Longing to teach me of discouragement and anguish
But knowing that the Father would reach down from
Love that knows no lengths but survives the worst there is

When I was fifty, there came a special day of grace
When I was given the opportunity to share my life
With someone who knew the depths of my heart
Someone who shared my need for honesty and love
Someone who gave me much more than I could give back
But who was content to know my heart was in His hands
And forever left me feeling like I was so very blessed
By a love that was without conditions and gave me
A special feeling of hope that knows how to express itself
With ideas, dreams and visions of serenity and eternity
Filled with joys that are only seen through the intimacy

When I finally found the freedom to truly be me
And discover the warmth that comes with the dawn
When God reaches down with His kindness and joy
Bringing the light that shines through the darkest night
Paints all thought with reflections of sweet satisfaction
That comes from knowing this truth that is alive
God lives inside where only His truths can begin to teach
How to build a beautiful history, a life that reimagines
Its destiny and reminds all the world why it is so blessed
To feel free and full of the God who created us all and brings
A relationship with truth who knows that God is everything

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Regina McIntosh
I love to write.... feel free to ask questions. I will give a more detailed biography eventually
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