Konaseema: Into the Unseen Scenery of Andhra Pradesh

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The Unseen, There is always a fear associated with the unseen and the unknown. You may not always wish to venture in it as it might lurk you into danger and put you on a path from where it might be impossible to return. Isn’t it dreadful thinking and believing that your worst nightmare might come true here.


When we decided to travel to Konaseema, we had of course not heard about this place. So there was some anxiety on how good this place would be. Moreover, the travel was again a long one so we dreaded more about the long journey. Nevertheless, the relentless and fearless travelers that we were we decided to embark into the unknown.


The Struggle, Though the decision was made we never really imagined the tyranny that the Unseen could bring us. While on the path we could still easily accept and move on and do the best of every obstacle and make the journey as much worthwhile as possible. The focus was on the destination, and we moved to make sure that we reach there. Every journey takes us on a new path, and when you are on the path to the Unseen you still may not want to leave it and move back. The hope that the destination will be a worthy one we try to overcome every hurdle and put our will to make things possible. The struggle and the tyranny seem small enough over the gigantic hope of being rewarded with a beautiful destination.

Every struggle may seem unflinching and wanting to rob you of the happiness that you deserve; however, these struggles just test your perseverance, and your real want to know what’s really into the Unseen. It’s not all who dare to leap and for those who really dare are tested and then found worthy of the reward.

There is always some light at the end of a tunnel so is there a destination at the end of every journey. The journey maybe sweet, hard, fun and all that but the destination will always be the Master of your Life. Like you can sometimes change the path you take, the destination will also alter its course and take another form but be assured that it is the Master and from there on the Master will lead you on a path which knows no fear.


So finally from the Unseen to the Seen, the journey may end here, but the destination becomes a part of you forever. The Unseen Konaseema was, in fact, a little-seen, a little known. It was just like my native land Kerala, the people the culture the trees, the weather all seemed familiar. I enjoyed the food of this land, the rice, and the sweet delicacies are peculiar to this place. When I look back, I might want to go back for the food again! So finally I felt I was home, what was made out to be as the Unknown land, an unknown destination was familiar to my every sense. It’s only when I gave into my fear that it embraced me with open arms and touched me with a warm heart that I could still find solace in an unknown place!


Victorious in the End!

[Konaseema is the delta region in East Godavari District of Coastal Andhra Pradesh, India.]


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