Koruption And Vices Wahala Neva Allow Youth Blood Konji For Political Leadership

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Leadership na the ability of one person to lead oda pipo for di right way or direction. Ma African people talk say na person wey get eyes fit carry pipo wey no get eyes cross road.  True talk, na youths be leaders of tomorrow but koruption and vices neva allow our youths ready to enta politics.

No be small stori about funds choping person di hear from our campuses. Dis kind tin don make plenty of our student union president no fit graduate sake of say dem steal money from student purse. E get one day wey some boys bin dey discuss politics for my skul. One yarn say if im enta political position, him go chop money wela. Di dream of youths dis days na how dem go enta goment chop de national cake wey millions of people suppoz chop belle full.

For di student election wey happen for my school last month, news commot say boys bin rig election. Di election ogas bin notice say total votes wey student drop bin pass total accredited count. Dis tin nearly cause wahala before di skul management talk say make dem do fresh election. Pipo wey bin get hand inside dis mata na boys dem wey neva even grow bear-bear finish. Dis same mata wey di tanda for our university na im person di see koro-koro during election for Africa. Boys dem go carry gun snatch ballot box from polling unit just to scata election result. One of my friend tell me say no be small slap im bin collect from youths wen im bin want do every tin coret as an electoral officer during one election for im place. As youths di put hand for dis kind mata, dem neva fit ready to do clean politics.

 Dem talk say na person wey di read  na im fit lead but wen you stroll come our skuls, you go see say students no di wan follow dis talk. Youths wey dem papa and mama gada cassava sell just to pay their skul fees go di miss lecture die. Wen exam time come, students go start to di sort lecturers money, some di even sleep with lecturers while odas go di do copy-copy for exam hall. How dis youths wan lead wen dem no sabi anytin?

Plenty of we youths wan belong so dem enta cultism and dem di see pipo wey no join as juuh men. Na so we di see kata-kata for we community sake of say one cult group gbege with anoda one. Dem go matchet dem self instead of to join head togeda form coalition groups wey go campaign for di political progress of youth.

Bet don chop di brain of Africa youths finish. You go see person go baff early momo come dress as if im di go office only to end for bet shop. Dem go get liva stay dat place from morning till night even if dem no win. Time wey dem for use di do reseach, dem go waste am all on top bet mata. For my school, e get one time wey our vice chancellor yarn sey make we di pay tuition fee for 60-40 percent rate. Dis opportunity make boys stop di pay fees but wen di skul management bin come investigate d mata, dem notice say boys bin di use their tuition fee play bet. Dis type of tin di make our old leaders feel say if dem give youths small chance for politics, dem fit use dem kontri budget play Ponzi scheme.

Ova dependence on goment na anoda mata. Our youths for dis time too di wait for goment before dem do wetin coret. Goment na dem supoz helep for we youths development but our youths ma for stand up try hustle left and right find beta way to hold body instead wey dem go di do bad tins like terrorism. Terrorism na wetin no gud at al but plenty youths di join am coz dem brain wash dem. If our youths for no put hand inside dis tin, na dem for di contest for political position.

As oyibo cari dis ogbonge tin dem di call internet come Africa, na so-so bad news di nak us about how we youths di rugged de tin. Youths don use dis tin chop pipu moni sotay we mamas and papas just di cry. Internet supoz be tool wey youth for use develop our kontri but dem di use am cause wahala because of small change wey politicians di giv dem.

Kidnapping na anoda mata wey no new for Africa sam-sam. Our youths go drive moto carry person from im domot come di yarn im family sey make dem pay plenty money (wey dem fit faint if dem hold) before dem release di person. Just dis month, one boy for my school steal pikin di run but dem bin catch am. You go hate koruption if you jam beating wey dis boy bin kolet. Di wahala of sharp-sharp moni don make our boys full for inside ritual business. Come think am say why student go do blood moni if no be say him wan make am shaparly. Wetin go happen if dis youths become presido of im country? Di guy fit sell im pipo sake of say him wan make moni and all dis kind tin make youths no di fit get express road to enta political leadership.

Bbc pidgin, my belle sweet me wela as i hear say una bring dis ogbonge mata make we youths chuk mouth talk weda our youths don ready for political position. Dis wahala  wey di no mean say our youths no fit change oh. Dem fit change, but i carry God beg say make una organize leadership training programmes wey go scata koruption comot from Africa so dat our youths go ready for political leadership.

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Author: Ekoja Okewu
I am Ekoja Solomon from Nigeria. I love engaging in writeups that spur humanity into action


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