Kuntin and Peace

Written by Nam Raj Khatri |
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Story: Kuntin and peace

A man named Kuntin wanted to live in a peaceful world. He prays for source of peace. Source of peace became happy and came in his Dream. Kuntin invited source of peace to come in his place. Source of peace told him that he can come only if honesty is in place. Kuntin prayed for source of honesty. Source of honesty became happy with him and came in his Dream. Kuntin requested to come in his place. Source of honesty told that he can come only if transparency is already in place. Then Kuntin prayed for source of transparency. Source of transparency became happy and came in his Dream. Kuntin requested to source of transparency to come in his place. Source of Transparency told to Kuntin that he can come only if peace is in place otherwise transparency could be counter- productive. Kuntin knew that all three together only can exist. Hence, is started to prey all three sources together. All of them came in his Dream. Kuntin asked all of them to come in his place. Source of peace, honesty and transparency together said to Kuntin that they all can come only if kindness is in place otherwise only clever people will be benefited which they did not want. Having said that, all of them disappeared. Kuntin then started to pray source of kindness. One day source of kindness also came in his Dream. Kuntin urged him to come in his place. But source of kindness told Kuntin that he will be in place in the heart of those who welcomed him.

Kuntin first invited source of kindness to him and then invited source of peace, honesty and transparency together.  First, he asked source of PHT to prove their presence. A beggar came in his door and asked for some money. When he kindly provided some money to that bagger and beggar became interested to know about his resources and property. Kuntin honestly and transparently shared everything to beggar. Kuntin felt peace in mind at that moment. In the night his house was theft. He complained to police about his theft. Police found that same beggar was the thief. He asked source of honesty why that beggar misused my honesty. Source of honesty explained to him that it works well only if we could remain in a place as a whole than to a people. Sources of peace asked Kuntin to convince all people in the community to invite them till then they committed to show model of all them together in the Dream. Kuntin got point and tried to convince people in his community to give space for kindness, peace, transparency and honesty.

Lost found:

One day Kuntin lost his mobile. He knew that place where he was sitting and left the mobile. He first did ring to his mobile from another mobile. It was ringing. As he moved toward the location mobile was switched off. Somebody must have found and SIM card removed. He reported to the police. Police never found. One day in the Dream Kuntin was coming back home from his work. His Mobile fell on the way, but he did not notice how and where it was fell. He did not know where he left his mobile. When he reached home his mobile was in the place where he would put his mobile while at home. He thought that he did not carry his mobile to work, but he also remembers that he had made some calls at work place too. What happened is that when his mobile was fell on the way a man walking on the way got mobile and handed over that mobile to the nearest police. Police checked most called number and found his wife. Then police transferred that mobile to his home through the fast channel and his wife put it on the place where he used to put so that he can find it soon. When Kuntin wake up, he became amused for some time, but this would not happen in real life. Then he intensified his mission to change his community.


One day Kuntin went to hospital. He stood two hours to get ticket. One hour queue was standing and one hour moved when counter opened. The he stood and two hours in queue for doctors room. One hour standing and one hour moved when doctors started to checkup. He was suggested to do some test. Report of test would be given next day after noon but doctor would see in the morning only.  Next day he went to hospital and stood one hour in queue for collecting reports. On the third day he again repeated same process to see the doctors. Doctors provided some medicine and asked to come for follow up in one week. He was thinking unnecessary process. In the night, in the Dream, he went to hospital. He was asked for his problem on the gate and suggested to stay in the waiting room till his time. After some time he was called by a nurse and taken to doctor’s room. After checkup he was suggested to go to labs for testing and last lab asked him to go to waiting room and wait for half hour. In half hour he was again called by nurse to doctors' room. Doctors explained his problem and suggested to take medicine for a week and handed over packet of medicine. Nurse suggested to pay cost of medicine and check up and testing. He paid by his card. Kuntin wake up then and felt very pleasing with simplicity and hospitality and politeness of all people in the hospitals. Same system did fast and easy service for same number of people with simplified and managed time.  Patient seated instead of standing during waiting time. Al testing done for the same day patient instead of previous day patient.

Renew license:

One day Kuntin went to renew his license. He spend whole day in office to follow various process and at the end of the day he submitted of signature from the authority and got cheat to collect new license on the next day. In the Dream Kuntin went to office he submitted his old license and required charge and wait in a waiting hall. In mean time he was asked to meet a doctor who checked his eyes. Report went directly to information system.  In about 15 minutes officials checked all information and produced new license with electronic signature using delegated authority. That his card is ready was displayed in the display board with his number. Kuntin awake and fall in amusement with this simplicity for renewing the license.


Kuntin was seeing terrible act of wedding happening in her village. It was so complicate. There was so many things to do and transfer between each family some were clear and some were not clear. It was kind of a warm war going on between two families. People are so respectful to each other and demands are like wars. One party trying to cheat other in turn. At th end both parties were losing before two couple become one. In the night Kuntin fall asleep and saw a Dream. Both parties decorated bride and groom with beautiful dress and ornaments provided by respective community. Both meet in a common place and transferred ring to each other and gathering wishes for better life. Wedding finished and new life started. Two families made new relation with respect, dignity and cooperation for further life. Kuntin awake and became delighted seeing this kind of simplicity. Couple got married and became together without damaging parents properties. There was no social burden, no one disappointed, no one neglected.


Kuntin was worried for election system and instability of politics which would affect overall movement of his country. After long time of election it was not possible to select country head and even it is selected it would count days for falling and would change very soon not by the interest of people but by the combination of members elected by people on their own interest. Kuntin slept with these feeling. In the Dream his country was very prosperous. People have card with ID number, PAN number, Bank account and personal details. People were giving their votes to the candidate standing for PM and decided through electronic analysis. After one year people also verified their support. If support to current PM goes below 50% people would vote among current one and new candidate again. Everything was simple. PM was totally accountable to people and their prosperity not to the parties and group. PM would inform about government policy, approach and decision through regular circular for the people. If people think something problematic or change needed in few days it would come as change in policy. That’s like a democracy meaning government of people.


Kuntin was aware of various kinds of networks over world doing thing in their own way and communicating in own way. It was like a layers of world existing in one world. Kuntin wanted to have some global system. Kuntin slept think all these in mind. In the Dream, Kuntin entered in a world with system. There was countries with similar political system with perfect democracy. Countries had decision system taken by leader elected by the people. There was government with thematic ministries for operating the things decided by the decision system and system of judges for monitoring of right application of the decisions. Decision body always in  watching monitoring system. Monitoring system always watching on operation system and operation body always watching decision system. All ministries have coordination system at regions and all regions coordinated at global. Global there was democracy, prosperity and environment. Climate change was linked to all development as a gross parameter. Culture, development, environment and equality were the main theme. There was perfect network and visionable system globally. Invention was taking with speed with global effort. Nature was widely explored and life become efficient. People enjoyed freedom and obeyed global system lined with natural system. People could visualize any part of the world without being travelled. There was no duplication in actions except it is related to personal entertainment. Kuntin awake with inspiration from the swet Dream.

Animal life:

Kuntin was very much eager to know about how the animal lives in the jungle. He went to the zoo and saw deer running when they saw people watching them, saw tiger felt disturbed when they saw people and birds flying unnaturally in view of people. He was highly interested to observe the natural way of animal life. With all these in mind Kuntin slept and came in to Dream. In the Dream he was watching the virtual scene of animal life in the forest continuously forecasted. He could move around jungle seen selecting the site or electing movement of a particular animals fitted with transmitters. It was also possible to observe the past movement of some animals based on records in fast track. He enjoyed watching the whole life of a tiger in the jungle in real sense. Animal were not disturbed and people enjoyed the movement and life of the animals in its natural setup.

Work in office:

Kuntin uses to work in an office where few people were very active and rest free. Activities used to go in haste towards end and every one would be in tension. Kuntin wanted to know whether this is the way of management or not. He fall sleep and went into Dream. In the Dream he was planning a great event involving many people. He prepared a plan clarifying final goal, event and role of the people involved in the process. He defined decision process and communication channel. Preparation went on building in line with agreed process and event conducted as per program agreed without any tension with involvement of every one in defined role. Event owned by all and result owned by all. When Kuntin awake he felt amazing and realized that this is the way of doing.

Property transfer:

Kuntin wanted to transfer his property to his son. It took long day to make it happen. In the office every time he got work done from one step person in the other steps would absent.  There were so many layers of processing. He even do not know what exactly is being done. He became very tired. In the night he went into Dreamy world. He wanted to transfer some land to his son. He went to a company. Company seeing his land certificates made arrangement through government layer.  Layer, using his license and internet access filled in government data using information provided by the company. He paid necessary charge and got work done in the fifteen minutes. Kuntin got out of the Dream with joy. He thought it is possible involving more people outside government and make government process simple and easy for the people.


Kuntin was thinking why money is needed. He ponders on it and knew that money was actually power, power to purchase the things. It is actually means to transfer energy gained by action by the people. One works in field and grows vegetables. Vegetables have storage of energy. Farmer sells energy in vegetables to workers who work in factory to produce cloths.  Farmers get equivalent money for the energy he spent for growing vegetables. Workers spent money he got from energy he spent on producing cloths. Both vegetables and cloths will be consumed but money remains. Hence, money represents energy in transaction not total energy. Kuntin was thinking why money is needed. In the Dream Kuntin became great leader and introduce concept of money card to every citizens. All transaction was made in money card. One carried with card with storage of energy they have gained. They need to spend energy for consumption and gain again for balance. Children were mostly with negative balance. In the middle age they made much balance and they consumed towards old age again. It was not possible to consume things without balance energy in card hence Kuntin created central card for balance of country. He provided loan to children and grant for those who cannot gain energy but right to live which was ultimately covered by the healthy ones collected as tax. Some energy were also gained naturally which went to national card. One day software operating the card damages. It was not possible to know balance of the people. Products remained with few people and other people with energy stored in the card became poor.  It was problem to run the system. Kuntin nationalize the all property and provided right and duty card based on capacity and need for people in various conditions. Required energy for right and duty was available on weekly basis. This way people were free from self-management in the society. Kuntin wake up with the experience.

Cast system:

Kuntin was not happy with the different cast system and differentiation on the basis of cast. He wanted that people are treated based on their own deeds and judged on the basis of prevailing rules of law. Kuntin fall asleep while thinking in this line. In the Dream he became great politicians with power of people. He changes the national statistical data system. For the identity or people he removed religion, cast and occupation and resident. He simply added first name and second name. People became same and there was no need to collect data on that line. Then there was problem of knowing who is living where. Then he introduced local registration system and job registration system which is maintained by concerned body and sector and remained as temporary. People were recognized for their one act and contributions and fame and punished for miss dead against rule of law. Kuntin awake from the Dream and became amused for some time as if he is relief from the cast system.

Information management:

Kuntin was worried for heavy information which gives different meaning to different people and people even skip important information mixed up in heavy information. There were many channels of information as if information flow itself is a work.  In many cases sources of information was hiding and people were taking benefit of daught. Kuntin fall asleep while in deep thinking and went to a Dream with different world. In the Dream Kuntin studied all scriptures and ancient literatures.  There vital information are written clearly and spread as part of life. It was not necessary to create information by individual and organization. Information was coming as moral values of life. Kuntin developed set of information for the people and defined for various purposes. He defined information center from where valid information would come.  He took information as direction to ways of life, solution to problems, avenues to new explorations and words with explanation of easy and joyful life and aspiration to love and services. Kuntin awake from the Dream and amused with new ideas.

Changing nature:

Kuntin was partly enjoying with changing nature and partly worried with being unpredictable. We was unable to resolve why this happens. In the Dream he got deep insight of the nature. He knew that nature is made of five elements and its combination makes various scenes. Elements have its own source and found in whole natures. There is process of circulations and guided by some principles. They keep on changing its forms and move from one materials to other based on energy level. Kuntin thought if it is remained untouched or unaffected by five elements. If it is possible to remain free from them. In fact his own body was made of five elements which are linked to five sources and whole nature made of elements. Then he was anxious to know what is fix then. Is life is temporary and play of these elements, then he come out with feeling of mind to control them and soul to observe them. He tried to remain without care of elements. Though he was surrounded by elements it was possible to remain unaffected at mind level. Then he tried to be free from mind and go to soul level.  It was bit difficult. After very hard work and meditation he realized soul which is observing world through mind and body. How to be in soul state was not being resolved then Kuntin awaked. He felt that he was completely in bed but observing different world in Dream. He knew that it was Dream only when he awake. Then he realized that this world is also Dream observed by real soul like he was observing Dream world. Mind was free to observe and act in Dream in the similar way our mind is free here while soul will observe from its origin. Hence, he knew that there is no direct path from mind to soul. Awakening is necessary.

Abuse of Authority:

Kuntin was worried by the abuse of authorities by the people in the decision making. They would take decision using high power provided for their post and implement it for the interest for their own or to their circle. If decision makers had made decision for the people or the target of the organization would advance and benefit would come to the people. Kuntin asleep and went to a Dream. In the Dream he became powerful person elected by people. He could change the system. He thought it is not possible for the decision makers to take decision and implement for the people because people with the evil mind cannot be changed. They always make circle of their own and go in wrong direction. He came out with idea of separating decision and implementation. He developed separate system for implementation with somee group of peoples and separated from decision makers and provided independence and created third part for monitoring that result has come. It worked and there was no chance to abuse of authority. Decision makers could get result through implementers and verified by monitors.

Business of self interest:

Kuntin was worried for people engaged highly in business of self-interest. There were few people involved in happiness of others and in return they are gaining super bliss. How to transfer few good cases into the larger people was the question. Thinking in this line Kuntin fall asleep and got into a Dream. In the Dream Kuntin run a community campaign for selling happiness. Every people were thinking on how to make others happy than the self. This in some stage became culture and happiness level of the people raised drastically. Kuntin awake and come out with the idea.

Decision making:

Kuntin was worried that in the country all the decision makers and politicians would become guest in most of the executive program and read the message written by the people in the middle level with narrow vision. He thought how these executive persons can become honorary and guest. He fall asleep and got in to Dream. In the Dream she became a powerful man and changed the system. He canceled all formal program and asked high level person and politicians to speak by heart and brain and give direction and take lead through their own decision. Mode of meetings and program changed. Leaders involved in high level decision and most of the working tasks were delegates with proper monitoring and reporting system to decision makers. Pattern of leader also changed. Those who can speak and give decision in their own became leaders and rest skipped from the track. Quality changed and stander improved and direction changed and new culture established. Kuntin awake and come out with the new idea.

Religion and culture:

Kuntin was thinking about religions in form of culture. There were two distinct cultures in religions. In one culture,  people were not organized formally and people would just believe on god and perform some activities independently but guided by scriptures. In other culture, people were member of some groups and there were many groups. Religions in those groups were guided by tradition of their organization not by scriptures. In the first culture,  people would go to temples and could keep in touch (by heart) with god directly based on their own belief and respect. In the second culture,  they need permission of in-charge or pujari before going to god. Kuntin was worried for some people handling god in their way. Core meaning of God or thinking about God was same. Kuntin went to sleep and go into Dream as usual. He knew that god is something related to mind and soul not worldly act. It was not necessary to have many religion in real sense. He thought about world religion. He extracted inner meaning of all religion and spread as message without opening any organization or principle. People felt it as real religion and without joining any religion they felt god and its sovereignty. Kuntin awake and felt amusement with one God in the world.

Strong and weak people:

Kuntin was worried for some people being strong and some week and having in disabilities and suffering from various diseases which would deprive them from the full enjoyment of life. Values in the society was somehow attached to property and strength and it was possible for those with power associated to strength and property. Kuntin fall asleep and went to a Dream. In the Dream he came out with an ides of changing value system. Social values changes to humanism, love and affection. Those who are in disabilities and suffering from long term disease were considered as social problem than individual problems. It could happened to any one and by chanced it happened for some for others. Their responsibility was taken by the society allowing them to enjoy fully to the extent it is possible for them in their conditions. Tax was collected firstly to cover their cost and surplus used for development society as a whole. Kuntin awake and felt amusement with new system in mind.


Kuntin was observing behaviors of the people on creativity. Kuntin thought that every human being is creative by nature but constrained by social norms. It is somehow good to keep people in the discipline in the society. But creativity was suppressed below the level of requirement and people not being able to explore the nature in depth and using natural resources appropriately. Kuntin fall in asleep and went in to Dream. He analyzed the people in terms of creativity. Everyone had some kind of creativity. Some were more creative when given some format. Kuntin came out with idea to keep the people in dynamic society. Systems were developed to remain people in minimum discipline respective social values and individual freedom. There was scope for creation in format. There were some space for new creation for the people who are highly creative and their creation would be useful for the society as a whole if not they could enjoy without harming others. Creations were respected. Differently able people were encouraged to show their talent differently. Creativity of the people grew largely.  People enjoyed and helped people with their creation. People with extra talent wire considered as special human resources. Kuntin awake and found good ideas.

Education system:

Kuntin was worried for the education system. Certain knowledge was recognized as education and other not. People who are said as educated defined the education and climbed up in the society based on the education they defined. There was a serious gap in social dynamics and system was running incomplete. Kuntin went to Dream and thought on this. He redefined education and related to all useful knowledge practically. If somebody is interested in one part of study it should be recognized and given ways to go up. For example one is writing very good story in their own mother language and being liked by others they should be recognized as master on that part. There is no need to know everything for everybody. Similarly, he made a plan for recognizing as various degree for useful skills in all aspects of life. Kuntin noted that with this system everyone in the country was living with dignity with some kind of specialty.  Kuntin awake and felt amuse with so dignified society that would be possible with simple understanding.

Darkness in the community:

Kuntin was worried for darkness in the community. Many things were unknown. People were communicating one is to one or in a small group. There were many droughts which became matter of talking. There were many suspects and communication gaps. People divided into own and others. Love was less than hater.  People assumed what came to their mind and communicated to others. Many others misunderstood and gave own meaning. Community as a whole was running with misunderstanding. That has become way of life. There was no creativity and team spirit. People mainly acting on wrong conceptions and trying to other feel inferior. Strong power of community has become week and power less and fruit less. People were just living and surviving and with some progress in competition on themselves but there was no any absolute progress. Community was polluted thinking others. Everyone thought community as others and themselves as theirs. As a result community as a whole lived in worse life. Kuntin slept while thinking about community. In the Dream he deeply thought the situation and decided that communication is the main factor.  He came out with idea of communication center for the community where everyone communicates in single forum.  People expressed their thinking and creativity in a single forum and everyone understood in a same way. Differences minimized and creativity maximized. People started to compete for community action than individual action and enjoyed in being part of the community than the self. Culture changed tradition broke and new creative and dynamic society developed. Kuntin awake with great feeling.  Kuntin applied same in his community and later it was copied by others.

Healthy meal:

Kuntin was unable to cook meals. He tried to learn some good recipe. All recipes were so complicated that it needed varieties of stage and same thing need to cook many times and in many ways. But ultimately taste would come from spices than ingredients. Kuntin fall asleep while thinking. He went to Dream. In the Dream he chopped all vegetables in to small pieces. He added some salt, peepers, turmeric etc. He added some oil and water. Then he cooked everything in a pressure cooker. It became very tasty. When he awake from Dream he tried and it became perfect taste. It was short and sweet and not needing special recipe. Then he tired with addition of rice on it which became another recipe. Then he tried with different varieties with karela, tomato majority which became different taste. Then he tries with milk, water, rice, sabdana, beaten rice, dry fruits, sugar etc. whatever was available. This became perfect sweet. In this way he knew how to cook healthy meals. These were healthy because there was no need to fry anything on hot oils that would be toxic to some extent. This was very easy meals for travelling and also for quick cooking in emergency for normal and time when there are intimate guests. Kuntin also cooked with more green vegetables and more water to drink as soup. Gravy type recipe is also possible with little water.

Power and group:

Kuntin was worried for the power hold by various people and groups. Power was hold either by position or by the group. Some were in power and some outside. People assumed it as real power or they simply accepted being helpless. People trapped power by network legally or illegally. Many people trapped themselves in network or group with expectation of some power and remained there because of fear of instability outside and continuously became source of power for the people in the top. General people had to follow power of the group which was not real power in the real sense. It was like a net in which flying bird falls. Generally when people join some group or network they go up to the higher level. They will get benefit respectively. Even they are not satisfied in the group they will not be able to come out for the relation they have maintained with others or for the identity they have maintained.  This led to the group sustainable. Few people take benefit of such situation and do abuse of power. Some people become ambitious with power in the group but they will not be able to satisfy the need they have in the group. In such situation they maintain double standard. They remain in identity provided by the group and secretly they also satisfy other need using power. For example officials take bribe and satisfy both prestige of post and luxury by money. Saints remain in touch with women and satisfy both respect of fame and attraction with women. Politicians take commission and satisfy both leadership and security for future. Kuntin created environment to leave the group to satisfy current need. Kuntin thinking all in mind fall asleep and go into Dream. In the Dream he broke all kinds of group and network and brought all people in the same frame. Instead he created service network. All people were powerless and powerful too, in the universal system. Kuntin when awake from the Dream feel very comfortable and easy. He applied principle and made people aware and got the position that he got in the Dream. It was not easy to break the group and network which was being stable for some reason. Kuntin first created service network and group and attracted people. People choose this optional engagement because majority of the people in the existing network were not benefited but unable to come out with some fear. Kuntin created system attracting general people but power in control of government than group.

Religion and god:

Kuntin was confused about religions and existence of god. Different scriptures explained differently and in addition preachers defined same thing differently. What is soul, how it works and how it is related to god and where is god how it works was very complicate. Divine things some time looks like different from this world and sometimes it looks like same thing in different form in the same world.  Kuntin in same thing in mind fall asleep. He met his father in the Dream who dies long before. When he awake he became sentimental. He was thinking seriously on Dream. Whether he went to his father's Dream or his father came to his Dream. He thought there must be some meeting point. While in Dream he did not knew that he was in the Dream. When he awake it was everything observed by him from the bed. He thought that life must be in similar condition. From where we have seen this big Dream must be soul and this one must be Dream and master in the main must be god. Scriptures must be indications but people could not go out of this world.


Kuntin was thinking how people become happy. Everybody wants happiness but they always remain in unhappiness. Kuntin fall asleep and go in to a Dreamy world. In the Dream Kuntin knew that happiness is the state of mind. Mind need to gain the happiness through the action. Kuntin thought if it is state of mind why not skip action to lead to happiness. Kuntin come out of idea of mental exercise and determine a mental game and mind game plan leading to happiness. Kuntin while playing mentally, awake and became aware mind game Plan. Then he continuously explored many such games that would gain happiness of mind. He created an imaginative world and roamed in that would with his own leadership and everything going on with his own interest. But Kuntin realized that mind rest on body and body need to be healthy. Healthy body needs action. Hence, Kuntin continues minimum action to sustain life and keep body healthy. He created proxy imaginative world in which he was the master. In this way he did not worried anything gap in real world. He was satisfied with anything available in the world because it was temporary and he was like tourist in this real world. He would enter into his imaginative world where he had everything. Generally people create some kind of imaginative world with modification of current world and current life and struggle on imagination also. But Kuntin realized that imaginative world should be totally different and without limitations. It should spacious, full of resources, full of power, full of happiness, full of game, full of flexibility, full of reactivity and full of spirit.

Happiness of people:

Kuntin was worried for happiness of people. Everyone wanted to have peace and happiness and trying for the same. But no one got sustained happiness. Kuntin fall asleep and went to Dream. In the Dream Kuntin realized that national happiness comes from common happiness and love of people for the common things. Common things are cultures, environment, development and equity. Kuntin awake with idea and advised to make all developmental activities aligned with these four pillars. Culture was like common social homes, environment sources of all energy or resources, development as facilities and equity a tool to distribute result of development to all. Impact of each act was judged against four pillars.

Living in the present:

While every day is coming as new, people are mostly recalling past or thinking about future which has not come yet. Kuntin was thinking why it is necessary to live in past. For him it was just like eating the thing cooked in the last day. Kuntin fall asleep and entered into the Dream. Kuntin knew that present is problematic, future is not very predictable and past is highly selective. One can recall any moment that is suitable to them, hence they go back to past. Kuntin thought there has to be balance. Past must be recalled to the extent it is useful for making present efficient and imagine future to the extent it is predictable or needs attention. Present must be cared and lived. Otherwise world becomes imaginative than real.

City and village life:

Kuntin was worried for people being attracted to live in cities. But there are increasing problem on it. People prefer city fife because risk are shared among many and there are many ways to sustain life too. But cities are being polluted and people were living easy life against environmental cost. Life in the village is simple and natural. People will have time to enjoy various cultural practices in harmony with seasonal works. Only development required in the village are water supply, roads and electricity. For those facilities people have high demand. Government needs to be demand responsive. Other facilities like education and health care are for quality of life.  Kuntin fall in sleep and got in the Dream. He came out with idea of community development with developing community (rural) as healthy and livable community led by community people themselves. Government role was to become demand responsive and providing direction and autonomy. To keep people in the real life in the city was made expensive with all kind of environmental tax. People will have choice to live in the city with busy life or live in the village with simple and comfortable life.

Waiting for the leader:

Kuntin wan worried that everyone was waiting for a charismatic leaders who will give governance and lead to wards prosperity. But it was never happening. Many people became leaders based on some issues and for short time and could not solve the problem rather they vanish with some progress for themselves.  Kuntin fall asleep and in the Dream he saw ants moving in a narrow trail. They were moving both ways without collision. In one way they were going to a nest and other way they we going to a place where there were foods. They were communicating with taping, smells and gestures. They were perfectly in efficient path and doing job systematically. There was not a single leader directing all them. They were actually working with collective intelligence. Kuntin awake and came out with idea of collective intelligence which always grows and remains as property of people. Kuntin aligned people for their own prosperity and bound by rules. It worked perfectly without needing leaders to guide them.

Trinity of government:

Kuntin was worried for global situation. Countries had become independent and free from the colonialism. Still there was influence of larger and powerful countries upon small or weak countries. Kuntin was thinking, people were same human being then why so difference.  Kuntin was thinking how to give same value to all people. He got in to Dream and became great philosopher. He come with idea of establishing democracy where there is trinity of governance and all formed by people elected by the people without guided or interfered by any parties. Irrespective of size of countries it was same system. All countries had similar ministries for execution. There was regional and global center established for international coordination. In the center there was the unit to look after each ministry. Other than this there was no other agencies for global coordination. Global defense was established ensuring all countries follow the basic democratic system and feel sovereign. Kuntin awake and started propagating his philosophy and countries accepted. Global system established and all people became equal. There was no need to spend energy for influence, defense and nonproductive activities and for duplications. Development was straight forwards and with cooperation of each other's.


Kuntin was worried for situation of many women who are living in torture within their own family without being expressed. Kuntin was thinking why this happens and how to avoid it widely from human society. Kuntin fall asleep and got idea in the Dream. Women who separated from parents after marriage and shift to parents of husband and make new life by heart and by mind. They make all kinds of adjustment for stability. Supported by culture and tradition they confidently do that and live as if they were born in that new house. But her new family suppress in many ways and treat differently. Even mother in law take lead in that kind of soft violence. Those women who could not handle or make them stronger to the required extent fall in bad situation. They just accept violence and do not share with own parents with the fare of being shame and wait for good days in the future. Kuntin thought root cause of this situation is that women are in high risk. They have no feasible options for being free and taking minimum action in such situation. They are helpless from community and government too. Community cannot raise voice even they know partly with fear of losing relationship and partly because of morally all of they have some kind of similar act. Government system does not have intelligent system to become proactive and even some stronger women come for complain there is less chance that they can convince. Kuntin worked out for three points. One is that he made equal right of men and women in property in her both house. Other he made code of conduct between men and women when married. Another he make intelligent force to monitor probable violence in the community which cannot be seen in normal condition or appear when situation has become very worse. To make son and daughter in equal position Kuntin made parent powerful and off springs independent. He made all parents responsible for country and country responsible for children and elders for freeing them from complicate house management and guaranteed them social security. In this way women were not that much bound to sacrifice whole life in violence and they were in position to live their life.

People in power:

Kuntin was worried for the people and society being guided by the people in power. Market was controlled by business men. People were oriented  based on availability and what looks good to them. Society was guided by the some people who have got name and fame for some reason. Everyone submitted to them. No one was living in their own life. It was completely confusing what is real and what is false. Kuntin fall asleep and got in to Dream. In the Dream he knew that people were not living in their own life. They were living for others. Their own life was hidden inside illusive world. They assumed that what was seen and what was happening was real. Kuntin come out with an idea of new democracy in which social norms would be decided by the real people not by predefined guide. People were allowed to play within the framework decided by real people. People together first defined the situation, their own position, direction they want to go and then developed the system. Everyone was free to play within system governed by the system. System always remained in control of people. To become update and forward Kuntin designed concept of institutional research in the every units of the system. He separated decision maker, implementer and Monitor. Sovereignty of individual was removed and collective sovereignty was encouraged.

Differences in people:

Kuntin was worried for differences among people in terms of work and facilities. Some people were living relaxed life and some working hard. There was very high differences in the value of work among the people. There was no any mechanism to control. Kuntin enter into the Dream and realized the situation. Food is critical resources for surviving people in the world, and then comes air and water. Though water is getting scarce it is still not critical and air is available as unlimited. As a result of development and use of more scientific process less and less people are producing more and more foods. Rests of the people are engaged in the other works which produces something of use for people. Everyone needs to engage in something and get value so that they can get food to survive. As the population increasing more people need to find more works. Main thing is that it should get value so that they can get food as a result of their work. In the society different works get different value and workers also get involved in promoting their works. Some time it is also possible work done for producing food gets less value than other works as a results farmer becomes poorest. Some kind of work gets more value because value of natural sources adds on it and government cannot charge appropriate cost on that for the benefit for all or for adding on common value. Some people in the society are also engaged in the kind of work which does not carry any value in real sense. Those works comes under cheating others value. Such society is called corrupt society. In many instances such non value works are even not known. Hence, in the modern society it becomes important to give proper value to the works and identifying non value works. In addition it will be more prosperous society if some direction is given to the process of creating new works by the people to survive them. Kuntin also thought that there should be some kind of norms that people must involve in work in farm once in a year to realize how the food they eat is produces. Value of food producers need to be preserved.


Kuntin was thinking how peace can be maintained in the world. He was worried for the division of the people in the various sector as if there is a cold war. He was thinking how the boarders of politics, cultures and religion can be break up forever and world become one. Kuntin got into Dream. He realized that there is one sentiment in all cultures, there in one god in spiritual parts of all religion and one interest of people in all countries. Kuntin thought deeply and come out with the idea and awakened. He determined to break up the boarder to establish one world government, one world culture and one world religion taking its core parts in front, which is now remained on the background.

Service center:

Kuntin was worried for national service centers being operated as authority of the staff. All resources within country belong to people living on it. Government is for providing services. That is why people have allowed all resources to government. In addition they pay tax of service charges for the services. Unfortunately government worldwide assumed themselves as owner of authorities. They ignored underlining responsibilities for which authority was provided. Services are not judged from point of views of users but from point of view of authorities. Authorities are rewarded while consumers are punished. There is no such system for the consumer's surveys. Authority based and consumer based service differs in its operations. In consumer based service time, effort, comfort, cost of consumers is taken in to consideration. In the authority based system comfort, simplicity, flexibility of service staff is taken in to consideration. Kuntin in the Dream thought deeply and come out of converting all government offices and service centers as consumer based focusing comfort of the users.


Kuntin was wondering answer to the questions for the situation that there is no body died in hunger, many people worried for being unemployed and at the same time there are no workers found when needed. Kuntin was trying to analyze the situation. Kuntin went to Dream and thought deeply. Kuntin come out with conclusion that people are in search of paid job. But there is no job and people do not have useful skills too. Sufficient foods have been grown and people are living. But they are not satisfied. He noticed that people does most of their lively hood related works in their own. This is one way of living but due to new life styles enjoyed by some people general people have been attracted. Kuntin come out with idea of collective works in the form of corporations for all services required for the people so that people get works at same time government will be able to collect money through corporations and provide support. Kuntin imagined how it look like if there is corporation of people for services like: farmers, home service workers, shops, animal keepers, industries, educations, hospitals.  Related workers join respective corporations and become members. There will be some standards of corporations. There can be more corporations for same works. All corporations will meet minimum standard provided by government with some flexibility for creativity. Corporation will charge some fee for operation but people working in the corporation for service will get remuneration at nationals standard so that member joining the corporation will not be cheated. Government will be able to collect some money through corporations for national development. Kuntin also thought about land management. For this there will be corporation closely controlled by government. People can sell land to corporations only on rate fixed by government for area and categories. People need to buy land from corporation only. This way government will be able to controlled false rate of land and misuse. Corporation can also maintain land use plan of government. If somebody need to transfer their land directly to their off springs or people they want that is possible by paying certain tax. Tax rate depends on policy of government.  When land owner died land will be partly handed over to next to kin and partly to government. This way everyone will get job, country will move gradually to equity and nation becomes strong for developing service standard for the people.

Worry of life:

Kuntin was worried for every one being serious in life more than necessary. They are taking responsibility for self and for society but not enjoying. But they are doing some works freely apart from responsibility for satisfaction. Kuntin thought why people cannot enjoy responsibility and need to do separate work freely. He got in to Dream and came out with idea. Actually in the responsibility they have deadlines and targets which take them away from freedom where as in their free work there is no target and deadlines. People need freedom to enjoy. They enjoy in achievement and creativity where as there is less achievement than noncompliance of expectation.  Kuntin come out with idea of free world where people can do anything of their interest without any responsibility. Country can set code of conduct to direct them in right direction so that achievement that people produce in freedom is sufficient for the people's need.

Living with problem:

Kuntin was worried for people in the community living with problem. People had learned to live with problems instead of being active for resolving them through community actions. It was not possible to solve problems by individuals. In the night Kuntin went to Dream and knew in sight of the community problem. He knew that situation becomes stable at low energy level which sustains for long time. Living with problem is low energy level which does not require effort. That was the secret. Any improvement or resolution needs energy to maintain the situation. Kuntin knew that there needs some constant energy to sustain people or community at problem free situation and make people happy. .Energy released in  the problem free free system is much lower than the additional energy to create or maintain problem free society. Hence, Kuntin introduced mechanism for community norms and community effort to be formed. Contribution of community people which is required becomes minimal but would be sufficient to sustain the new system. He introduced community action plan where people contribute little and enjoy more out of the community. People have different need by nature. People in need of love and recognitions from others were put in the management part and people likely to violet norms were taken care and helped to be good people. Kuntin encouraged people within community resourceful and recognized different people as resource person for different aspects of the potentials problems so that they become more conscious of the potential change in the situation.

Right of expression:

Kuntin was worried about the ways people are expressing their views on the FB. Though the FB is a global forum, unless limited by the users, people were expressing their views being limited themselves in a society or territory. They were expressing views as if they are completely hidden and not accessible to anyone. In the Dream, Kuntin knew that everybody in this world is linked to the heavenly world and god by means of the souls. Souls are just observing this world by means of a material body and mind makes it possible. When he wakes up he realized that while he was in the Dream he was linked to the body in the bed. Kuntin comes out with the ideas of giving identity to everybody based on their country identity to use in the community of the soft world. At the same time to realize freedom of the soft world, he comes out with an idea of global code of conduct. People would have freedom to talk about any one on any directions in a funny world, sincerely, world people would have to maintain some discipline and basic norms of the real world.  In this way people would feel that they are expressing with the people in the real world but with more freedom and ease.


There were mega earthquakes in the country. Thirty districts were affected and ten thousand people died, six thousand injured and thirty thousand became homeless. Housed collapsed were among old houses, new houses with poorly designed and old temples which were preserved in the name of heritage. Some people constructed new houses and provided old one in rent for poor peoples. Those housed collapsed and poor people died. Some constructed new housed and provided to others on rent and lived themselves in old house and died. Some extended housed to multi story for more rent and those housed tilted or collapsed. Kuntin thought why people suffered. What was role of earthquakes and what people did? In the Dream Kuntin knew that earthquakes were simple. It was people who did not destroy the old house and waited for shaking. If simple development principles were followed people would be living in the new houses which would be shaking for some time but not collapsed. Kuntin suggested for national wide housing standard and living places. Poor people were helped and rich people were controlled to remain on standard. Standard for houses, open spaces, public places, water and sanitation were fixed. Living places automatically expanded outsides cities matching the standards. Places suitable for living and free for any potential natural calamities were selected for the community.

Land value:

Kuntin was worried for the people engaged in selling and buying land. For this this was not a economic activity in the real sense. Value was assumed one. Money was aligning to the limited people and poor people were unable to buy land for the construction of houses. Government unable to develop project which required land. People who send money from abroad from for their family was trapped on the land business. They assumed that money is invested in the land which get multiplied in the future. In the process money actually is utilized by many people. Kuntin was thinking the way out. In the Dream Kuntin come out with an idea. Land was assumed to be common and owned by the government. Government designed the living places and arrangement for the construction and management for public company. People could apply for one of the place for living. Government also reserved the lands for natural conservation. Rest was opened to public to apply for doing any kind of business within area wise criteria. People did not have to worry for the money associated with land. It was free. Anybody likely to make best use of land would get license. Life was so simple. Kuntin also removed all the social activities which are not productive and not valuable in real sense. Those tradition involving warm was within community was removed. Kuntin awake and found the idea wonderful.

Marriage system:

Kuntin was worried for the marriage system going on in the country.  It was like a warm war. There was politeness and respect between two parties- bride and groom. But both parties are involved in emptying others pocket.  At the end both felt loss of lot of money. Many people in the community became poor just because they spend lot of money for the marriage of their daughter. People focused important part of their time and income for the marriage which is just a event. There is nothing to do with the how the marriage was organized. Life ahead depends on understanding alone. Kuntin went to Dream and got an idea. He knew that it is possible to break the tradition if applied national wide in one off. Everybody would be happy because everyone following the tradition in the pressure. Some breaking force was needed.  Kuntin came out of the Dream and applied it as national law and campaign. 


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