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Tucked under the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountain range, lies the pristine blue Lake Tahoe; a destination that is set for fun and beauty at any time of the year. However, in the past, the area served as the transcontinental route for railroads and highways. The increase in the number of stops along the road led to tourists visiting the area. Visitors and locals were taken aback by the lake’s beauty and the number of activities it had to offer. You have everything from the hiking trails to point vistas - apart from Lake Tahoe itself. It's why Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, purchased a $59 million Lake Tahoe Estate in this beautiful setting.

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Lake Tahoe, the second deepest lake in the country, is a freshwater lake that has the Sand Harbor beach and a gateway to the Tahoe Rim Trail. Yes, from hiking in the mountains to sunny beaches in South Lake Tahoe, there is something for everyone. Additionally, the towns around the lake offer you a chill West Coast vibe. It'll make you forget all the troubles and pressures of your life.

Lake Tahoe in the Winter

Love to try out winter sports? There is nothing like Lake Tahoe during winters then, offering a place of adventure and partying during its winters. The Lake provides a variety of activities like skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and snowshoeing for people who love their adrenaline rush. The people who love the calm of the winter can opt for Gondola rides, the Olympic museum, and the casinos across at the south of the lake.

Skiing is a significant attraction at Lake Tahoe during winters. The area hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics and has been a favorite of the tourists ever since. There are several ski resorts in the area that offer world-class skiing services. You can choose any of the well-groomed slopes or the resort for your experience. If you’re not into skiing, the resorts also offer sledding, ice skating, and snowboarding.

Heavenly Gondola
Heavenly Gondola

You can also hop on a snowmobile and take a tour through the mountain trails of Lake Tahoe. Some of the centers provide backcountry snowmobile trails that give the visitors a chance to have a panoramic view of the lake. Apart from that, Lake Tahoe also offers tree-lined paths and sleigh rides.

Lake Tahoe in the Summer

Lake Tahoe is just as good a summer destination as it is a winter haven. The warm water and open roads and trails offer every piece of adventure that one can imagine. Apart from that, the warmer days provide a ton of evening events and concerts in the nearby area for people.

The people who love to relax would enjoy the Heavenly Gondola ride around the lake. The trip allows you to take in the scenic beauty of the lake, Carson Valley, and Desolation Wilderness. You can also opt for other activities like zip line tours and 4 x 4 mountain tours. Another relaxing activity around the lake is the Sierra Cloud Cruise. The two-hour ride on the catamaran offers a serene view of the eastern and northern shores. Then, you have some great cafes nearby too. Try out the Fire Sign Cafe for some American food or the Getaway cafe if you'd like to try Mexican.

Lake Tahoe offers several water sports as the days become longer and the water warmer. You can go kayaking in about 75 miles of the shoreline. The eastern shores very popular and are dotted with boulders that reflect the water. You can also head out in a jet ski to explore the lake’s water or go paddle-boarding to observe its calmness. The North shore of the lake is best suited for paddle-boarding where you can see as deep as 70 feet on some mornings.

Other activities of the summer include hiking in the mountains, going waterfall hopping in the area, and horseback riding along the shores.

Incline Village, Nevada

Incline Village is a must-visit place for a weekend when you wish to relax. Set on the northern shore of Lake Tahoe, this quiet and beautiful village offers relaxing experiences, restaurants, and resorts with stunning views of the lake.

You can relax at the Sand Harbor beach and enjoy the scenic view. The beach also has a ton of water activities to offer if you want to get an adrenaline rush on your holiday. Incline Beach is also nearby where you can go and have a picnic if you get bored with the Sand Harbor. Apart from that, you can also charter a boat and go fishing in the lake. You can later barbeque that fish on the beach and have a little evening to enjoy with your friends and family.

Sand Harbor beach
Sand Harbor Beach

The village also offers a lot of breweries to explore and get drunk at. You can head down to the Mark Twain cultural center and learn about the life of the celebrated author. If you wish to bond with mother nature, you can also go on a hike in the Tahoe Meadows.

Skiing at Lake Tahoe and the Best Ski Resorts

Skiing has been one of the essential activities at Lake Tahoe ever since the Winter Olympics of 1960. Several resorts around the lake offer skiing and snowboarding activities during the winters. They provide different terrains for you to ski on, and you can pick the one you like the best.

Sugar Bowl Resort sees the highest snowfall in the Lake Tahoe and offers a vertical drop of 1500 sqft. The drop is comparable to that of North Star, which is another popular location for people who like skiing. However, both the sites offer intermediate terrains and aren’t as high as many resorts in the area.

The most popular skiing resorts in the area are Squaw Valley and Heavenly Mountain Resorts. The resorts have the best terrains and have some of the largest ski areas in the country. They offer excellent grooming of the snow and a good variety of terrains for the visitors.

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