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It al started at the end of the long summer holidays when none of us lads wanted to go back to school again as usual.   Nobody came up with a good idea until I suggested that we burn down the school  and then we would never have to go back in.

”Where shall we burn it?”said Frank. ”It all looks pretty solid to me and Dad always says that brick and glass do not burn very well and he is as builder so he should know a bit.”

“How about the kitchen block?” was Richard’s contribution.  “it is just made of wood and that sure does burn.  Look at the barbecue. Then if some how they find an alternative it might mean no more awful school lunches again.olw HHH~hHH

“We will need some wood to get it started.”said Richard “and I am happy to do that.”

“A look out will be needed.”said Frank “and that is my job.”continuing with “School lunches are not that bad, especially when they have baked beans”

“I will bring matches and paper “said I with satisfaction as it was the easiest job “To get the fire started and no baked beans for me please or I will throw them up as usual aiming at you.”

And do it was that the four of us arrived at school on the last day of the summer holidays.

It was very clear from the outset that Richard had done his part well as there were loads of tree branches, planks of wood as well as some smaller wood pieces all over the place.  Frank was well positioned on the top of the main entrance where he see almost everything and anyone around. “Let’s get started” we all said at practically the same time.“ So I  reached into my pocket and found that it was empty











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