Letter to the Unfaithful Wife

Written by Shawna-Lee Lawrence |
Published on:

I feel bored, unwanted and exploited

Saturated with the ideology of love

And how it fell from my grasp

I understand


You treated your rose like a “twat”

And let another man ravage the folds

It took years for your husband to satiate

I understand


Skin on skin

Lips to lips, with your love

You’ve forgotten passion  and the ‘Melody of Coitus’

But the consequences…

I understand


Twisted and broken you were

Chasing after  attraction and confusion

Led your husband down a road

He'll never forget

I understand


What I don't understand is the husband you neglected

Because your savior had condemned himself for you

And the remnants of his cologne

You'll feel a love like no other

To the ghost of a man he  once was

I envy you...

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Form of Poetry


Author: Shawna-Lee Lawrence
I am a poet at heart, so wildly in love with the imagination and the fruit bears from my soul
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