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life as it is, it's never as it seems many ask the question what have I done why my life has turned out like this? but do we all have the answer to this question.

life starts when we are being made in our mothers womb and when we are born this is when our life starts, we grow, we make mistakes, we get beaten, we get bullied , we fall in love, we get heartbroken, we have children of our own, we have illnesses, we grow old back where we have no teeth just gum then we finally say our last goodbyes to our loved one but no matter what happens in our lives we always get back up except from death.

life is a disco ball that goes around and around then we wonder whats next? life has taught me many lessons and I have grown older to understand why I made the mistakes I made it was just a part of growing up.

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Author: wendy clement
I am an industrious person, who believes in one myself and believes the sky is limit


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Card image cap sand blown - nice reality write...decades and time-depths full of butterflies (things remembered and things forgot) waiting to flap their wings and be the is not a butterfly that flaps its wings, it is us (the matrix: 'it is not the spoon that bends') stan

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