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Hello everyone who is reading this thing that I generated. Wishing everyone luck on finding the thing that you will be needing to continue your life like a happy childhood though it is not that easy and possible.

Ok then now, what is life! 

For me, life is what you get experience about. Life is only accomplished during the very last second before death. Before then one can only experience the moments. Life is a secret to yourself which is solved for yourself but remains unsolved for others. I mean a life of an individual. Everbody works hard but only some live life. Living life means being realistic in critical moments and being optimistic when hope is about to disappear. It means to live for yourself and yourself includes checking whether what you have is life or not and how do you have what you have. It means to be the best version of yourself for everyone who gave you life and made your life a life. When you are about to crumble, crumbling and taking your time to stand or never being able to stand is life. Never being able to stand gives you an experience which is priceless. Finding a way to pass on a tiny bit of awareness about that experience to your world is a way of living life even in a dreadful time. Love in life in simple. Go with the flow of life and believe in destiny. When destiny knocks the door give it a try. When you are sure never let go of it. Love is a great experience which makes the life double though it is not easy to maintain it. So don't ever cry for love. Live life for yourself. Assuming that you are alone is not a bad thing. Be interactive. Learn the way of the world. Gather experience in your leisure time. Kill every bit of your time by gathering little experiences.

This is my thinking at the time.

And it will keep changing every day. But this is also the truth I have experienced. So if you have to be motivated and gather more experiences and overcome the problems. Always remember that there is a space outside the earth and there are still infinite elements I the universe.

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Author: Dewa Oboy
I am a boy. I am from Nepal where Mt. Everest lies. I am here to try myself out and to gain experience.


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