Life is worth your while

Written by William Jerome |
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Life is worth Your while! / While Living

finds its path crenging narrow ways/

 'depending on thy righteous thoughts" of

thy deeds in mansions of habitat curse of

unhumanize poy-zed ivey veins threw thy

grape vine lanez of travailing  mysterious

osome layer phaze of regretful sentencing 

cage  felt  thy flames of thy raptures aged

thirsty for freedom that taste thick like

paste from our own fleshly urging grace. Amen...


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Form of Poetry

Crown of Sonnets

Author: William Jerome
Hi my name is William and I like to write all different kinds of music poetry writing about cars CPU and much more ive listening to music all my life and like to collaborate with different artists if possible I spend most of my time listening to music and videos I like country rap jazz blues RandB world music also what makes music so unique
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