Life's Chance

Written by Steve Harvell |
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In life, time is hard as well as to be enjoyed.Many questions to if God exist, by way he does! Questions within ourselves we ask,what is our purpose,how do I achieve my goal with others already having? Life's Chance is depending on the path we chose.Todays society is a little whipped always wanting a hand or thinking someone owes them.Life's Chance,it is being given the opportunity to live better than we act.I've seen many hardships,living on streets, hoping that one friend brings a biscuit out door.To sleep in woods starring out my homemade shelter wondering if that was what life was truly about.Yes,I gowned as a black sheep but in mind determine to recover my position.Worked a farm everyday growing, jobs pulled double shifts.How did I come to this moment and all I do?Barely clearing my teen years I vow somehow to be something,someone they all look back and say they was wrong! Life's Chance has not been easy but what I choose I want it be.Sure I had guidance, by Grace of God I live today.My trials tested,defeat not an option but a chance to succeed in who I am.I've face death of a bullet in battle with satan,under guidance I should have been dead but I walk.Annouced dead by friends along my journey only to come to Life's Chance few hours.We share the same goals in life though different we are on same steps,same situation but how we choose to handle life's chance is rather to admit defeat or fight back to overcome obstacles.I had 3 dreams in life,own a harley,drive a corvette and a gorgeous lady to share love. I wait for the lady now!Yea,took nearly my entire life to just recent years to accomplish but bless even without I have been.For these days I still work day to day for paycheck,the bank has little but investments for future I wait on.Death is close but most proud is my daughter I leave.Happiness doesn't exist of material things but what you do with your Life's Chance of living.Not everyone is as fortunate so be graceful to those under your feet you put.They just trying hard survive at what life has dealt to them. God's Love n~mine

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Author: Steve Harvell
Southern gent from 2 light town,inspired by older generation. A Godly man of heart,dedication to survival and dreams. No failure but will to succeed actions. Inspired by Love,my journey long. Death is certain,there's always light in solution. Being proud your accomplishments is to strive,never stop swimming. A dream is Reality if you willing risk to find achievement. Inspire others,LOve another!


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