Lost souls

Written by Raynolds Moseamedi |
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Scream if you must

But know it is only the two of us in this emptiness 

And if my words lack trust 

Understand humanity is marked by ignorance.


Am I beautiful? 

Do I seem like I deserve loneliness? 

Like depression would ever find comfort in such celestial beauty? 

Do you question my presence in this ugliness? 


For in your eyes I'm too beautiful 

Like a star for it only belongs in the constellations 

Along with a numerous number of other blue white painted stars

Is it not so?

And yet the same fate has befallen us. 


Darling I am but a facade

For my Visage is as broken as the world 

For my soul is either black nor white

And this heart has holes deeper than any abyss an empty soul can mend. 


You see I have walked where only beasts trod

Where souls are damned and where gods fought

And yet in the destruction of it all 

I still can't find myself

A lost soul lost to eternity and paused time 

And so I found it beautiful and alluring to give in to the darkness right in front of me. 


But you're just like me

The roots as well as the tree

There's no earth willing 

Not a soul so forgiving 

And no God in this oblivion 

Yet we hope in astonishment for miracle healing... 

That our cuts and bruises would seize to exist 

And our desire for death would evaporate and seize to persist. 


But we found each other where souls meet

It can only mean the despair 

Our desire to quell our thirst done its deed. 


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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Raynolds Moseamedi
Poeticrae born Raynolds Moseamedi, South Africa, Limpopo, Tzaneen a student in Tshwane University of technology...


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