Loving someone so special

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  • On a sunny day a young lady gave birth to a baby boy. something special from god, it was pain but brung so much joy. She never thought she will ever have someone to love, until derin Jr  was born.as the days go by Loving someone special brought tears to her eyes .as a single parent she made it alive. She told derin Jr never let her hands go, don't leave her side, don't leave her cold. He smiled and said that there's nothing to worry mama .she hugged him smiled and told him "mommy will forever love you, shelter you and provide for you until life is over because I never love someone so special". As a mom no matter what drought shes going through her son will never feel it.  his mother said's "ill risk it all for you to have the best life I never had. Your smile helps my day even when I'm holding so much pain in my heart .youre apart of my soul, you're apart of heart, god is my witness I never loved no but you so special. 
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Author: Demetria Spencer
My name is Demetria Spencer and I love to write poems, story's about my life which encourage me to more. Im a young writers that watches things happen from left to right.


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Card image cap Waveney Lander-Walters - profound .
Card image cap Demetria Spencer - Thanks very much I appreciate you
Card image cap Gibbs Kaw - pasionate work Demetria ,keep it up
Card image cap Gibbs Kaw - pasionate work Demetria ,keep it up

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