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it is not the who

but the what

that is norm


for millions of people

culture and language

norms are averages

behavior intelligence

good bad or ugly

each to their own

good points bad points

sick and healthy


but somehow we make it through life

thinking averaging puts us in control

while living a waking dream until mistakes happen

then the averages on top target averages on bottom

select a population norm

foreign poor sick or other

have more police and executions

to control average states of mental health

apparently they are the new problem


while the stores remain full of weaponary for other averages

to foster their hero powers and declare supremacy

nuclear arms races invasions road rages robberies and murders

weapons manufacturing remains that profit stick from which hung the apple

of adam's dream for power and freedom so he took one bite

and started dividing up the lands and the people became a currency

for investment on a wall street such that the average on top

make their bets and populations struggle

to put profits in wall street pockets



stan sand



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Author: sand blown
worked in labs, manufacturing, mathematics teaching; now retired; love music, photography, fishing, mathematics and philosophy research; reading, writing, living, enjoying; andt....smiling : )


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