Articles on money and education. Comprehensive information on the role of money in schooling or training. Does the more money you spend on a university, college, or continuing education have a clear benefit? Is it prudent to go into debt for a degree? Read articles related to education and finances.

The Skyrocketing Cost of a College Education - Facts to Consider

The cost of education in college has skyrocketed in recent history. It is undoubtedly the reason why student loans make the second most significant part of the United States’ consumer debt category, only behind home loan debts. Shockingly, this is more than the debt of auto loans or credi Read More

The Forgiving

Written by Austin Mitchell
        The Forgiving                 a short story                 by Austin Mitchell     Alton Daniels was all ears as his Read More

Examination Blues

Written by Austin Mitchell
Examination Blues a short story by Austin Mitchell     Cora was in her room crying. Her mother was in the living room also sobbing. The final results were out and she had failed her examinations for the third time. Miss Rhinella wasn’t going to blame the young girl. She fel Read More

My loathing for injustice

Written by Sianee Ash
As the hands of time tick by, realisation comes flooding in. I've lost it... My childhood innocence... Where has it gone? The days of playing with anyone and everyone without prejudice and discrimination. The days of acceptance seem lost to so many.  You can't even watch TV or go on Read More

A Day with a Football Legend

                                                A Day with a Foot Read More

The journey of a hundred years

Written by Al-Hassan Jimoh
I stood at the middle floor of the tallest glass house transparent to see through the city­­­. Somewhere in the northern part of one of the most advanced country in the world was my first speech to be aired. I was a little bit nervous as to how the citizens were going to accept my projec Read More


Written by Jekami Adetiloye
Growing up on the streets of Lagos,Nigeria- I have always believed that I am a GOAT. I mean, I can be very stubborn at doing something;no matter how well you scold me,demoralise or emotionally, negatively attack me,I just never give up. This earned a even more glorious title of the GOAT;one defin Read More

The Last Bird From The Golden Age Of Ghazals

Music crosses borders of nations and oceans and reaches hearts of human beings in strange lands. God stands just behind those who sing, so close, that we will wonder who actually sings. Ghazals are Nature's wonderful creations in which the purest of passions, emotions and feelings are stored Read More

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