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What is your net worth? Find out using this free net worth calculator. What is net worth? | Average American Net Worth | By Age | By Percentile

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What is net worth? 

Net worth is the difference between the value of the things you own minus your debt. In other words, it is your assets less your liabilities. You can also think of it this way. If you sold everything that you own and paid off all of your debt, how much money would you have remaining?

Determining your net worth gives you an idea of your financial well-being. It helps you to see if you are thinking in terms of establishing financial contentment and if you are using your money wisely or spending it on things with little value. Knowing it can help you evaluate your current financial health and plan for the future by saving and investing.

While Travel & Daily Life does not subscribe to get rich quick schemes or to focusing on getting rich, we do understand that building a modest amount of wealth contributes to, but does not cause, happiness. 

How does your net worth compare to average Americans?

According to the Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finances from 2016, the average USA net worth is $692,100. Now, don't' be concerned if your net worth is nowhere near this sum. The Super Rich distorts the number above since the Federal Reserve factors in their income. If we use the U.S. household median net worth of $97,300, the middle point where half the U.S. households have more and half have less, that will give you something a little more realistic to compare. 

Image by Alexander Stein from Pixabay 

Median Net Worth By Age

After determining your net worth, use this table to see where and how your numbers compare to average Americans of the same age.

Age Net Worth
Under 35 $11,100
35-44 $59,800
45-54 $124,200
55-64 $187,300


75+ $264,800

United States Net Worth Percentiles

A table of net worth by percentiles. What percentile are you in?

Net Worth Percentile Net Worth
10% -$962.66
20% $4,798.06


40% $49,132.21
50% $97,225.55
60% $169,550.64


80% $499,263.50
90% $1,182,390.36
95% $2,377,985.22


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