Mortified pride

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OWhat if i told you that one day humans became, unserviceable, unworkable, unprofitable and even unachievable?   They mean nothing to earth anymore, they are just burdens that the planet must carry as they cause pain and agony to it. For instance Human influence is rapidly changing the climate. We're the ones who burn fossil fuels and clear trees that absorb carbon dioxide, sending heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. We are  utterly and completely profitless. 

Now there is a new generation, a creation void of employments and jobs for humans. Now it all belongs to androids where humanity is now inferior to planet earth, maybe this would be for the best.

Be attentive to this story i am now going to narrate as the events that are about to unfold, may be our future..

After these heavy and profound  thoughts that had reached her deepest conscience, her eyes flutter open, revealing icy blues that are framed with thick long lashes. Her dilated pupils grab her attention as it is abnormal which caused her to frown leaving creases on her frosty-rimed forehead. Scrunching her nose, she realises that is 2 shades red that she could almost call herself rudolf though she wasn't feeling bubbly enough to even sing that song. Her face – thinner than thin – clearly carves out her sharp features, leaving the attention not on her full, cracked lips, not on her hollowed-in cheeks, but on her tired eyes. Once she came to the realisation that all the colour had left her bony face, her fragile numb hands make contact with her soft and rosy cheeks but quickly breaks the contact as the neurones send shocks of bitter, coldness through her system. The Forming fog stops various dust and gasses from escaping the earth, not knowing this she inhales the air and her smell receptors catches these small droplets leaving a foul smell that descends upon the tip of her tongue, making her scrunch her face up in pure disgust.

She seems mature. Most likely a child who simply skipped childhood, forced to look after her multiple-generation family, and no doubt a slave to the poverty stricken world, She works tirelessly all day to find some form of nourishment for her family's weeping bones as the skin clings tightly to them. She will not leave her home neither her family. She will not escape her life. A country full of slaves. Slaves not to a human, but to a life; poverty and hunger their master, one which she cannot escape.

Athena's reflection was a sudden stranger to her in the cars mirror but she glances away from her reflection as her mind was filled with other disturbances, so she carries on trudging through the  irritating snow. Londons street was murky filled with depths of fog and despite that the street she was entering was a skeleton stripped of its flesh long ago by the locust that swarmed, similar to humankind, and all that remains is the concrete structures themselves, no glass, no wood, nothing the scavengers could use and the only thing that is guiding her through this hollow street is the lampposts, A sudden squeak grabs Athena's attention and she jumps when she see's a rat scurry past her.

"Bloody hell!" she cursed upon seeing that foul rat. She scratches her scalp to see white flakes sprinkling down which causes her to look up at the pitch black sky that was decorated with stars.  "Is it snowing?" She thought as she furrowed her eyebrows in confusion then dismissing the flakes after a short while. Still that wasn't the case as she hadn't showered in weeks so she just witnessed a bit of dandruff, but she craved that water that engulfs you with its sweet warmth and hits your skin giving you an almost electric feel. 

Her mind focuses back on reality when the cold air wraps around her whole body leaving no warmth to escape, She payed great attention to her delicate macilent hands that were enveloped in frost. Nevertheless her mind was also focused on getting to her destination. 




"Why is it not working?" she whispered.  All she felt was a nanosecond of warmth but then the biting cold air came rushing back to her palms.  

"Isn't that how its supposed to work?" She thought but i almost lost a few brain cells because Athena's whole philosophy on this topic is quite inadequate. She seems to think clapping is going to create friction and release a massive amount of heat which will give warmth but what you're actually supposed to do in this situation is rub your hands together which in this case actually releases friction and satisfies you with that warmth. Yet this is the cons of being poor, you are not educated fully, but how can she take education when she is a slave to poverty?

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Author: Athena Feex
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