My Co-worker Named Friday

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"To be honest with you, you are undeniably such a Girl Friday."

"I am obviously a girl, Jenny"

"Oh god. Don't tell me that you didn't know what I meant by that."

"That I'm such a girl?"

"Nope. I meant like Girl Friday as in the idiom."

"What are you talking about?"

"Girl Friday, it means a go-to girl who you can always rely on to do any kind of work. It perfectly describes you."

"So is that a good thing?"

"Well in your case, it turned out to be a bad thing 'cause you have an insane amount of work for a Girl Friday." 


It was just a casual day of office work when Jenny decided to interrupt Friday's daily errands and make Friday realized that she is being underpaid for someone who gets too much work in their office.


"Y'know what's the funny part?" 

Jenny suddenly asked Friday who is too busy still thinking and still processing what just Jenny told her.


"That you are actually named Friday." Jenny roared in laughter as she throws back her head and almost falls off her chair. Her loud laughter made the whole office to turn silent and to stop their work. Jenny slowly toned down her laughter and Friday sat in silence like she’s unbothered by their current situation. As soon as Jenny stopped laughing, the whole office resumed their work.


Friday turned to face Jenny and her face looked really serious.


“But seriously though, you should try to ask for a pay raise, Friday. I’ve seen you really working your butt off for this office-buying coffees for everyone, handling tough customers, meeting clients, over-timing- you’re doing more work than what you’re supposed to do ” Jenny finally said.


“Yeah, I’ll try” Friday smiled. 

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Author: Jamila Bestre
I'm a aspiring youth writer hoping to find opportunities to improve my writing in this site :D


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