My dream Lover

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My dream Lover.


Sometimes I deal with myself leaving my self in deep thoughts, behind my closed eyes. I see her in my prayers, that moment I'm talking to God;


'Oh Lord, I have a pain in my butt, to pay my depths, to have big money, to spend on people, to furnish my house, and this rent...'


And, boom... It changes.


'I Love her, it's always in my mind even always than the rent not paid. Could you go to her dream, tell your Angels to act a movie with my face, that I'm her Lover, make her kiss me in the morning, and never want to go in the night, let the after noons come with her smiles, and...'


There it goes, all the time in my prayers.


One early morning;


'Who is there on the door?' Mummy put her hand in water, cleaned them on her rapper. 


'I'm coming.' She left me for the door.


I paid attention to their voice from my stand. I guess is a girl, who is it this time?


'Brian, Michelle is here.' She and the she walked out from the back door.


I raised my head to see, it rang in my heart;


'Here she is, my dream lover.'


'I want you, I need you, I Love you, please Love me back, she's dazzling in her lighting cloth, I like your skin, ebony, you're sweetly blessed, your lips is red and your height absoltuly average as wanted, I am deeply in love with this damsel...'


'Brian, Brian! Brian!!!' Mummy tapped me.


'What are you looking at?'


'I want to confirm that those cables near the door aren't sparking light.'


'Milky Love, have a sit.' Mummy pointed the direction where a stool rest on a tached kitchen covering fire-woods beneath the pot.


'Don't worry mum, I want to seat near you and Brian to peel the Cassava'


'You'll stain your self, beautiful Milky.' Mum quarreled.


'No mum, it's what I want to share in Love.'


'Alright my daughter, don't mind our dustbin home...'


I've been cold as water and never said anything until we had finished washing the cassava. She set to go, and whispered to mum...


'Why were you gazing lustfully on Milky when she walked in?' Mum asked.


'Did I?'


Milky walked to me, hugged me, kissed me and...

In the presence of Mum. This girl is not afraid.


'I Love you!' Milky love said.


Then, mum woke me, she asked me to unpack the dirt in the truck, Dad got ready to go to the farm with me, with the truck. 


I so much love Michelle. If my dream happens, I'll be the first to kiss her and I'll propose.




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Author: Daniel Uchendu
In the year 1992 my parents had sowed with prayers and expected my birth in the year 1993. While in the womb, I heard the December celebration and late but managed to arrive somewhere in Africa, Nigeria, on the 28th of December 1992. I studied Building Technology in the polytechnics. I love writing, acting, directing, singing and drumming. My Name; Uchendu Daniel Christian Onyedikachi.


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