My Dream Partner - STALKER

Written by Oluchi Idaboh |
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There you are. You look gorgeous standing there, draped over the bar. Simply...tempting. Your smile is forced, it doesn't reach your eyes. I want to see your real smile; I want to make you smile. You see me, you give me a small smile, you look away. Are you flirting with me? I study you. Your eyes capture me, those deep brown orbs enchant me. I approach you and slide into the raised sit next to you. The smooth atmosphere of the bar, creates the mood I seek, and I silently thank the Gods of that.

“Rough day?” I ask.

You give a tired smile, and open your lips to reply. That’s when I see it. Your pain. It dwells there, deep in your eyes, almost unrecognisable if you don’t look close enough. Hidden by depths and depths of a saturated facade of happiness. But I see it. I see you.

“You don’t even know,” she mutters, giving a mirthless laugh.

Your voice is even more perfect than I could have imagined. A tad breathy, but soft. You take a sip of your drink, peeking up at me with your long lashes that framed eyes that held secrets I was going to recover.

“Isn’t it always like that? To think when I was a teen I couldn’t wait to be an adult,” I joke. I lighten the mood. Does this please you? You give a little laugh at my joke.

“Kailee,” You introduce yourself, you're interested in me Kailee. I like your name, it suits you.

Your slim figure twists in the exact right way to attract every male in this room. You know what you’re doing, don’t you Kailee?

“Nick,” I reply. We talk some more. You seem cheered up, do I cheer you up Kailee? Conversations swirl around us, nearly overpowering the music blasting from the speakers up ahead. We contribute to the noise Kailee, we flow together. The crowd is young, a throng of warm bodies dancing and swaying. The stagnant stench of cigarettes makes its presence known, playing with the faint odour of sick that bully the other mephitic smells. You smell nice Kailee. When you leaned in, I got a whiff of your fruity perfume. You’re alluring, a seductress; but I don’t want to be seduced by you Hailee. I’m not some other man you meet at a bar, I want to be the man, the only man in your life. You tell me you’re in your last year of uni. You’re majoring in History - you’re smart, I like that. I tell you about myself. I finished uni last year, I studied medicine, now I’m a junior doctor. You smile at that- you like the fact that I’m smart and can provide. We’re similar Kailee; don’t you see? I’m sad when the night ends, and morning nears. You’ve drunk too much. How could you let yourself be so vulnerable in front of a man you just met? Even if that man is me- you’re not as smart as I thought Kailee.

I offer to take you home, you agree. I drive you home and you thank me gratefully. You give me a sloppy kiss on the cheek, its amazing yet...meaningless. Our future kisses won’t be like that Kailee. I watch you stumble into your apartment block, the doorman recognises you and helps you in. I don’t like the way he holds you. Only I should hold you that close. I drive away from your apartment block. I know where you live now Kailee, you lead the lion right into the den. We're perfect for each other. will be mine soon Kailee. 


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Author: Oluchi Idaboh
I am Oluchi Idaboh and I am a writer/poet. I love to write in my free time and it is one of my main joys and hobbies. Reading is my life. I have always loved to read- it is what got me into writing. I have won and participated in other competitions before.


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