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He walked towards the stage as the crowd stood uproar in applause.  I watched as he climbed the stairs gleefully as I lost in meditation that I didn’t know everyone else had sat down except for me who was still stirring at my high school crush.I had always dreamt about him proposing to me.”  A genius scientist and a genius author, what a great match.” I had once said to myself. He began to receive handshake and hug from elites around the world.

Adam has been my crush since high school. Unlike the popular high school fairy tales, he was the introverted shy guy that rarely interact with other students especially the female. He had only a friend which I could still remember, Prince. He became famousduring the last few days of our high school when a tragic incident happened. Mubarak, a high school student had a cardiac arrest and collapsed. Adam was able to save him by defibrillation using a live wire cable in the absences of a defibrillator. I remember the doctor made a statement when he came.

“What a bravery act from you. Thank you for if you had not defibrillated him, he might have died before we take him to the hospital. Thank you once again.” The doctor had said as he hurriedly transferred Mubarak to the stretcher and took him out. Since that day he was the most talked about student and he was given an award for his bravery act.

I on the other hand, was just like Adam. I was an introverted type with little friends both in school and at home. I loved to read and write poems, articles and even novel. My friends do call me Nana the author or sometimes the novelist. I was really aspiring to be one in the future.

“With your tremendous achievement and your contributions in science and humanity which has improved the life of humanity around the globe, this organization presents to you an award of excellence.THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE AWARD.The crowd began to applaud again this time louder and heavier. He began to speak:

“Firstly, I thank God for making me experience such a wonderful moment in my life. Without Almighty God, I don’t think I could achieve all this.

 Secondly, my parents, siblings and my family and friends, thank you so much for your love and support.

I also thank the organization for their recognition andsupport. Thank you all.

Finally, I would like to thank someone as well as make some confession.”

 My heart skipped for a bit as I adjusted my seat to listen to this confession.

“There is a saying that says;” He continued

“Behind a successful man, there is a woman. Well, in my case, the woman who was behind my success is a classmate of mine whom I never had the chance to propose to her and I’m willing now is Nana, whom I usually read her poetry in the classroom in her absence.

I was shocked when I heard my name coupled with the fact that I was his crush also.” How on earth did he got to see my poets and articles?” I asked myself as I blushed.

“She is the winner of the Amazonbestseller novel last year. I had always read her poetry and article many times in the classroom while she goes out of the class. Some, I found out to somehow relate to me while others sounds philosophical.It was amazing to me. The best that caught my eyes and made me took a new bold step in my life and made me who I am today was her short story on ‘The Poison Theory.’ I hope we become partner in the future and share these great likeminded ideas together. Thank you.”And for the third time the crowd began to applaud. I became emotional as tears rolled down my eyes. They were truly the tears of joy. I haven't read a love story like ours since my life as an author. This indeed made ours unique among all other high school fairytales. we were truly meant for each other.

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