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In all honesty, I'm writing this to appeal to my English teacher's ridiculous expectations of her students. I could write a million words about this, but at max, I guess I only get 750, so I'll describe him with what I can.

My ideal partner is not perfect, he is, in fact, very flawed. His jokes are terrible but we always laugh, and his clothes are 2 sizes too big but that's how he likes them. He gets sad, and he scares me sometimes with his hurtful tendencies toward himself, but he also makes me happier than anyone ever has.  He's stupid, reckless, and he loves to do stuff he knows I hate. It's not his fault, but he's forgetful and he's loud. He's messy and loud. But, he's perfect to me.
He makes me happier than anyone ever has. He works hard to spoil me, even when I tell him not to. He helps me with my anxiety, and I try to help him with everything else. There is no way in hell I can stay mad at him. He's there on the bad days and the good days.
He is my opposite, but he is mine, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I would never change him. 
The point of this little story was not to win an award or to write the best little article out there, but simply get this stuff off my chest and please my English teacher. I love my partner, I could never replace him, not for anyone. He loves me unconditionally, and I love him back. There was nothing I would ever do to change him, even the things I don't like. Thank you for reading this little pile of nonsense, I don't expect to be considered, but I had fun doing this.

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Author: Aubrey Andreoli
I'm just a student trying to meet my course requirements for my English class


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