My Dream Partner

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My Dream Partner

She just walked out my door, not literally though because she rarely ever did literally walk out my door, she never did. She wasn't the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen, that would be more fairy-tale and less genuine, but she was a wonder to behold. - Still fairy-tale but it's the truth - Her eyes had a little more twinkle than most people I knew. She had this terse way of answering questions in class making the questions seem like a cry for help from a teacher who obviously already knew the answers to his dumb questions. She had this specs, perfectly fitting for a beauty like her, a witty seemingly smug girl. All those would get my attention with any other girl but here's what matters, here's where I was always dumbstruck, her laughter. Her laughter was the sound of angelic chatter. Sometimes when I snapped out of my stupefied state I'd make a joke just to get lost in the glorious sound again. Her smile was just as gracious, giving way to expose a tooth slightly jagged, a tooth that would later have a hand in my first love bite.

Although, we had a lot in common, there were also a plethora of differences; her skin was of the sun and mine of the moon. I was shy, she was sort of a reserved bluff, you know, knowing when to speak and when not to.

Truly, admitting this would make me seem like a user, she helped me cope with my insecurities, my depression, scandalous family issues and what not. She was my bane and antidote, still is. I started writing poetry again after the first day I met her. She didn't know that I had quit poetry for years; she didn't know that she reignited the flame. "Hmm, it's nice but it's a little too straight to the point", she said after reading the poem I foolishly titled "My New Friend". She then looked at me in a manner to say "I know what you're doing, but I won't say a thing until you come clean". If I had known then how she had waited for me to say something, I'd probably dive into untested waters with it, though that'd have made me look like an asocial introvert.

Now, Instead of saying how much she cared for me, or how she blessed me with her lips and nurtured my gifts with her hands, I'll simply say, she loved me and I her because love really does conquer all, if we want it to.

So here's what I meant by "she just walked out my door", I lost her, couldn't keep her, needed to let her go, to hope she'd come back to me. We never really had fights since we started dating after the jamb tutorials ended. We were always cool. Until she went for a 9 month programme, No, not that one, a real 9 month programme known as JUPEB. She had to be away from home since she'd receive lectures everyday in the campus far away from home. You should know about these quotes; "communication is key" and "Distance is not a barrier", trust me, when it comes to dating, the former is truer and the latter is a blatant lie. Love strengthens with presence and wanes with absence, one should never get obsessed with the presence of his or her partner but one shouldn't learn not to miss his or her partner also. This tittle-tattle is what you get from heart break and usually heart break is a little like pregnancy in the sense that it occurs to one person but is felt by two and out of an action between the two people and either of the two parties involved want to accept or reject it, but in the end you have to do something about it and like an unwanted pregnancy I can't accept that I may have just lost the love of my life, my dream partner.

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Author: Jimeto Onyedika
I am supposed to be 20 years old but I just started to live 4 years ago when I found my purpose in writing. I live in Nigeria, where enlightenment is a scarce commodity. So I pick up a pen and a note, a keyboard and a screen. I want the world to be learned on matters scarcely touched through satirical plays, imaginative and even artistic stories.


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Card image cap Jimeto Onyedika - Thank you Francesa. I'm really privileged to have been the winner. Also, I loved your own stories especially the one about 'a day 100 years from now'. Congrats on your wins too, I'm a fan.
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