My Fractal Life

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        It always seemed a likely dream that reality would make sense by my seventies; well it happened. A childhood dream came true when an understanding from a long distant past blossomed like a butterfly effect. As a light, shining through a reality curtain to reveal that which lies a 'time' depth beneath the appearance of things.The unifractalverse.  Our reality field is as that of our two-dimensional retinal planes. And perspective is as a third dimension imaging, an abstract; an imaginary number [i = sq.rt. (-1)] field concept 'abstracted' from what information is known (and that, that is of the 2d retinal image our brains read of the world).  The third dimension i-time field background vibrates at a steady fractal Mobius scale rate that is a function of our 2d field information plane.

      The pulse of the i-time field drives a function-form, a Mobius of mind that changes a percieved 2d (data-present) reality to its opposite, to a past (memories). The new Mobius-generated mind- reality present is called a 3d space-time. The field, the Mobius form, and perceived reality effect all occur in the same 'zero- sphere' i-time fractal moment; quietly sounding their vibration states (three of the ancients traditional meditation music note chords).  

     What is white noise to one may be music to another's ears and vice versa. Our eyes are the vision domes that lend shape to the vibrating mind reality of zero time-space spheres; constants hat we might mark what we perceive. Mark the relativity that is order and/or the differences, as music and white noise to the ears, eyes, and mind. The i-field context, and inherent content of zero time-spheres, as fractal change-forms, present ordered space-time music or blurred chaos of static white noise.

       Fractal world logic is not of usual tradition, not of classic ideas of this and that or cause and effect but of the abstract(ed), the feedback between self and others. It is as one dynamic system of zero-time-sphere densities, juggling for packing-positions and viewed as a relativity of probabilities. And, each reality space-time moment is as a conglomeration or series of zero-time spheres; an i-time density of fractal sphere pixels, packets that on one scale appear as chaos and on another as an ordered time blur.

     At last, parameters of philosophical, scientific, arithmetic, social and cultural sense. 

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Author: sand blown
worked in labs, manufacturing, mathematics teaching; now retired; love music, photography, fishing, mathematics and philosophy research; reading, writing, living, enjoying; andt....smiling : )


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