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I am the only daughter of my parents. So when I was 15,  I started seeing my menstration, I can remember the first day I saw blood stain on my pant ,i was confused ,so when i ran and show it to my mum, she sat me down and told me that I am now a woman, and that from henceforth, I should not allow any man to come near me or touch me, so I ask her why? She said that if I go near a man or allow the man to touch me,  " I will get pregnant " . so since that day I never go near any man or even had male friends, just to avoid being pregnant.  When I got into college, so many guys came to be my friend but I keep turning them down. So one day ,while I was working, one guy came and hold my hand, and immediately I realized he was a man, I quickly shouted, and then I ran to a lab to have a pregnancy test. But it was negative. I continue doing that each time a guy touches me in school.  So one day when I went home for holiday,  I had brought all the pregnancy test result I have been doing in school back home. So while my mum was going through my bag, she saw the test results, and she started crying that I have disappointed her, that I went to college and sleep with so many guys. I was confuse my self because I have never sat one on one with any guy, nor to talk of sleeping in the same bed with a guy. I told my mum that I have never sleep on the same bed with a guy, so she ask me how come the test results.  I told her that since she told me that if any man touches me ,I will be pregnant. So because of that any guy the touch my hand or hug me, I will quickly go for a pregnancy test, so that why I have so many test result there.  So before I could land ,my mother started laughing and shouted " ignorance has killed my child".

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Author: Mfreke Etuk
My name is Mfreke Etuk, a Nigerian by nationality. A graduate of creative writing, a script writer, novelist, dramatist etc.
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