My idea partner

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My Ideal Partner

Who would my idea partner be. Being an older single women it's something I think about regularly. I fear a young stud is out now, someone to ravage me and spoil me. 

Do I have to settle for a baldy guy though? One that comes with more baggage than the lost property at Heathrow airport. 

How much of me do I have to give up? How do I not know these things by now? Why isn't there a manual for this stuff ?! 

Bridget Jones, a feminist icon, well she goes with a womaniser and gets cheated on. What use is this to me? I'd love a Mr Darcy in my life but, well I don't think I want another project. 

I fight every day to try and stay alive. Why is adulthood so hard. All this bills and cars and work and trying to ram some fun into there. The biggest con ever in my opinion. What on earth is an ISA when it's at home. Why do they rave about them, am I missing something ?! If I had a guy would he know this stuff. 

That's it, I don't want a partner, I've decided one morning and carry on with my day. Then I trip over the shelf I've been avoiding putting up, not because I can't I'll have you know, I just hate drilling. Then my mind wanders again, mainly to Hugh Jackman as I've had The greatest showman on repeat. Could see him popping the shelf up in minutes then well..... That's for my mind's eye only. 

Then the answer comes to me. I have the perfect partner right here already. He's always pleased to see me. Listens without interruption and doesn't complain ever. Won't cheat on me, won't be a dick, won't leave dirty smelly socks laying around. I mean he can't put up a shelf, but I can do it. 

The answer to my problems of course, is my little Yorkshire terrier :-)

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Author: Donna Morfett
35 years old, from Bedfordshire. Managed to squeeze a lot of crap in my life in my mere 35 years, some self inflicted, a lot not. Love to read, would love to write a book one day. Part time studying forensic science at uni too.


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