My Mistress, The Sea

Written by Phil Capitano |
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My Mistress, The Sea

There is a longing to the sea
	When gazing at the glossy floor.
Time and tides roll in and out,
	Lonely waves upon saddened shores.
A siren’s call from distant ports,
	Shipwrecking lips and sunset eyes.
She loves like a tempest and then
	The ghostly chill of dark goodbyes.
My creative inspiration
	Wrapped in myth and mystery,
An ode to men of fire and steel.
	My mistress the luminous sea.
Oh, what romantic tales you weave,
Sweet hope you come yet death you leave.

Copyright © Phil Capitano | Year Posted 2018

Copyright ©

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Author: Phil Capitano
Fifty years of writing has culminated in a book of poetry (Roses On The Moon) released in 2017, a large online presence and numerous prize-winning entries. Currently I am working on a second book of poetry and a book of mind-blowing essays. I studied English Literature at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) in London and continue to teach creative writing in workshops across Muskoka.


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