My True Desire

Written by DAVID GRASBY |
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Take this away
I silently scream
Where is my heart?
I search for it over and over
What has become of me?
An angry bitter old man of forty-three years
That can't stand the reflection in the mirror
Constantly hurting those I love
Living today like it is made of worry
I stress the senseless
Let it captivate my mind
So I don't sleep
I wake in sweat
Drowning in my pointless endeavors of the past day
Carry them over to the next like a very heavy bag that does not need to be the very center of my existence.
When the epicenter is right there in front of my eyes
The love I have for my family and friends
Should be my sanctuary every waking moment
But no my hate for my self  so strong
Eats at my very soul and I ask why?
Why do you become this hurtful vengeance driven human being
Because I refuse to see the light
Those eyes looking back at me with unconditional love
Those words of encouragement will not be daggers no more
I will chose to stare back at the light and encourage it to shine more bright
Guide me out of this darkness that's been there since I can remember
Take my hand and say everything is going to be ok
This is my true desire.



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