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I never anticipated this,

the blue eyed boy,

or the we don’t click.

It’s all clicks to you,

it’s hit and miss.

But I never anticipated it.

So undeniable is this,

the lack of making decisions.

It’s all decisions on me,

wait and see.

It’s so undeniable.

It’s all trust given up,

but with you,

I find that it’s all trust issues. 

The love I’d felt,

the one you ignored. 

I now find that I can trust no more.


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Form of Poetry


Author: Rebekah O Reilly
My name is Rebekah O’Reilly, and I’m 16 years old. I have been passionate about English for as long as I remember, and hope to someday become a journalist, or a poet, or an English teacher....but for now you can find me here on WriterlyWords.


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