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A day in my favourite place could never be enough.

24 hours will always be too little for a soul so big, so endless in its own creation. They fall short to meet its expectations, my own desires, wishes to be close to the sun, to infinity, to you. They’re just too grand to be contained in a mere flicker of time – a speck when looking toward infinity.

24 hours could never sate my hunger. They cannot carry me along the stars, in the orbit of a supernova where I could kiss you, or close, so close to a black hole that I could spend thousands of years next to you. No means exist to send me to these places, or in-between your careful arms, in the middle of your love.

My favourite place lies everywhere, and a day cannot take me there. Not near the horizon, where the Earth gives into the abyss and lets me fall into completion, not deep beneath the ocean’s blanket, where everything is still but for our heartbeats.

No day can take me to the dark side of the moon, where secrets lie and you are waiting. No power can spread my being all over the world fading in and out of its existence, traversing dimensions like a sphere across thin paper.

No god can make it enough – a day, one place, your absence. No colours can paint around my eyes to make me see as much as I love. None can unbreak my heart and pinpoint my desires – not even I.

And yet, I want a day to be enough. I wish a day and just one place would stretch a smile onto my lips and tear apart this vain darkness that’s mingling my insides. I long to touch you and come home again, where I belong.

I strive to be the place where you belong as well.

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Author: Marie Cloud
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