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They come seeking for our votes, going so far as playing the humble and meek. They portray themselves as the very embodiment of honesty, loyalty and selfless service. They make massive promises, laying down their proposed agenda and plans for all to see. Their asset declaration statements are made public, everyone knows what they earn, their past and current life, their family members, and friends, their history. Their apartment is accessible to all and sundry; they organize breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and parties open to all. They make themselves available for all castes and categories of citizens, displaying generosity on the streets, eating and drinking with the commoners in public bars and restaurants. They are seen among every academic, religious and social denominations, attending crusades, festivals, services, lectures and the likes. They are all ears to every advice and opinions from all categories of citizens; they distribute cash, food and material gifts to people. All in the aim of securing the people's approval and vote. 

Once they are in the seat of power, they forget their pre-election attitudes and manners; they become larger than life. They become busy and inaccessible to the same commoner with whom they ate, drank and shared opinions with. They make constitutions and laws that have no beneficial impact on the electorate but instead adds to the misery of the electorate. Their assets become secret; they acquire choice properties away from the scrutiny of the public. They become too much to grace the commoners with their august presence; they don't attend any gathering without assessing the security and the benefits. The common man becomes suspicious; they don't grant an audience to anyone without an appointment. They become small gods, handing out gifts and presents to the masses anytime they feel benevolent. They distribute cash, clothing materials, food items, motorcycles, public transport vehicles, scholarship awards to the lucky few among the masses, all their generous deeds captured and displayed by the media. They construct boreholes, classrooms, culverts, shops and the likes,  and they term these as their constituency projects. They enter the streets once in a while to grace the commoners with their august presence, distributing gifts, they organize town hall meetings to hear what the people have to say. But they are never going to implement the advice and suggestions from the meetings; they only carry out projects that will enrich their bank accounts. They celebrate anniversaries and occasions among themselves with wild abandon, spending lavishly, attending every social function organized for their caste. They go to tertiary institutions preying on young men and ladies, young enough to be their daughters and sons, they become sugar daddies and mummies, satisfying their perverse desires and needs. They carry out white elephant projects; some completed while many becomes abandoned after a change of administration. They all want to have legacy projects in their name. They spend public funds on frivolities, feeding themselves fat and lazy, they allocate illegal allowances to themselves.

Their level of ungodliness and wickedness is only rivaled by that of the devil. Then when it's time for elections, they come back to the public, this time with money in their pockets, ready to buy votes.

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Author: Oluwafemi Funmilayo
Born on the 22nd of May, 1997. I am a Nigerian that loves to read, write and review any category of writing. I love making new friends (especially intellectuals) who can help in achieving the dream of becoming a great writer.


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Card image cap Catherine Lindsey - Don't let it be just your opinion, or assessment, it has to be supported with facts. 😊
Card image cap Catherine Lindsey - It sounds to me like politicians are, in general, pretty much the same everywhere. At this point in your article, you need to name them, and give examples of their behavior that support what you have said. You could say something like Mayor So-and-so, who was elected Mayor of (name if city) in 1998, was seen doing this or that, or promised the people this and that. Or, something like in May 2001, the (newspaper name) published an article saying that.....whatever. These examples will add strength and authenticity to your article. 😊

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