Parties and game in the childhood

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Parties and game in the childhood:

I was around five years old.  My nearest friend was my nephew Rajana. We used to play together and go to school together. There were ten housed in our community and in the each house there were some children. That time a woman used to give birth about eight children and few would survive. We used to go to school at age of six years and start from class one. That time there was no system for kindergarten or nursery. We used to help parents in their work and play in a group.

 One of the play I still remember looks funny now.  There was a big lawn in the middle of the community. There were few ponds and grassland. People when then brings paddy fodder from the field used to drop some trace on the ground. The key point of the play is to collect the fodders spread on the ground and make a bundle. Players need to protect the fodder they have collected.  When one goes to collect the additional fodder other can remove the folder already collected and add to their fodder. But the condition is that they need to do so without touching the person in charge of the fodder.  The idea is that we need take care of collecting fodder and add more to it.  In this way everyone would concentrate their collection within a limited area. The game would finish when there is no more fodder on the ground for the collection.  We used to bring collected fodder home to be useful for the cattle to take a seat.  That would be manure ultimately. This was group play mixed up with exercise, fun and useful in terms of cleaning the ground.

I remember another game. It was a time when we were on vacation after class two. A vacation would be for 50 days. We used to do some writing exercise and practice mathematics in advance. We were in the house of my close friend Rajana. His house is a little far away from the road side. My house was on the road side.  We decided to plan a game one day in a funny mood.  We decided to establish special friendship. We collected various types of leaves for the ceremony. We also collected various types of stones.  We prepared dust from stones of various colors.  From leaves we prepared vegetables and from dust we prepared various recipes. It was just acting. Finally, various recipes prepared. It was very large parties between us. We started to eat. We took the foods, took it up to near  lips and moved mouth as if we were eating. We really enjoyed like eating. We finished the activities before his mother comes back from the work. There was nobody at home. His father had already died. His sisters were also in work. We did great ceremony and parties, but nobody noticed. From the point of view of now I can imagine how funny that game was. This kind of game has completely vanished and replaced by a different one which is artificial.





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Author: Nam Raj Khatri
Environmental Engineer from Nepal. Interested in art, photography, writing and short movie making on natural acting.


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