People Who are Smart with Money Assume Bad Things Will Happen

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Life is not all about flowers, fun, and good times. Sooner or later, bad things happen that can affect our happiness and finances. According to, “…Since 2005, commonly reported causes of bankruptcy include reduced income, job loss, credit debt, illness/injury, unexpected expenses, and preparing for divorce.”

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Most of the things on this list are beyond our control. That means we should assume bad things are going to happen and plan for them as best we can.

One thing in life is for certain, bad things will happen, and they always seem to occur at the most inopportune times.

We were in the midst of our financial turmoil, but we were making progress and paying off our bills. If we could get through six months or so without anything terrible happening, it would have been great. That did not occur...[Read More]

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