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  • Country: Macedonia
    This time the acronym stands for Insect-Catching Bird Missile, here in its launching position. A split second later, this sleek and speedy oriole is already halfway toward yet another unsuspecting
  • Country: Macedonia
    Lake Ohrid, Macedonia
  • Country: Macedonia
    I was lucky with this kingfisher... Pressed the shutter a split second before the bird split!
  • Country: Croatia
    More and marijan background to Split, Croatia
  • Country: Croatia
    Night beach in Split , croatia
  • Country: India
    One might argue that it is because earth is too big for geographical location that we live in to experience it at this frequency.However,very few of us would acknowledge the
  • Country: Macedonia
    The gull thought I have come close enough, so he flew . This picture hapenned a split second too late, while he was already in the air. Luckily, the background

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