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During my Childhood days in Nigeria, it was a surprise to see how my nation suffered untold hardship when mobile phones came in to replace the traditional telephone. This sudden change caused a great catastrophic effect in the information and communication world. Citizens whose phone developed a fault then had to travel miles before they could get a technician that could handle phone repairs. This was largely because of poor preparation culture in training youths that will be able to marshal the problems that created by an innovation.

A new wave of change is about to hit Africa digital economy and history is bound to repeat itself if youths are not equipped with the relevant skills that will equip them to be solutions in the future of work. It is against this backdrop that I want us to consider the book of proverb: 23:7 which says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he’’. The thinking pattern of youths in Africa is conditioned to perpetually make use of traditional methods of doing teachings and this no doubt reflects in the way we render services. To enhance adequate preparation for the future of work, lectures and seminars that will help to change the mind-set of African youths from traditional to a digitally driven one would not be out of place.

During the days of our grandparents, it was very difficult to pass ideas to the youths without the help of the elders. The typical African youths, holds traditional rulers, religious leaders and elders in high esteem and it will be an effective way to pass on this pressing information to the youths for adoption. Employing this approach will help in breaking religious, cultural barriers capable of limiting the adoption of digital change and help youths to be digitally equipped.

Education as is practiced in Africa has not been able grow beyond the obsolete system that was adopted from its onset. This is because the curriculum guiding our educational system is not frequently updated to aid digital skill incorporation. Organizing scholarships for African youths with a focus on the female gender will help equip them with the needed skill to succeed in the digital world and bridge the gender gap in the digital world. It will also make them digital skill facilitators.

Furthermore, digital equipment that will be used in the future workplace should be placed in African museums, scientific laboratories and other public outlets for view by the public. Many a doctor today developed an interest in medicine during their youthful age on visits to such public outlets. Students and youths are daily visiting these sites and can have a paradigm shift from traditional to digital skill acquisition.

Finally, creating youth movements that will help in preparing for this change is important. Youths influence themselves easily so the introduction of movements and clubs whose aim is to canvass for a digitally inclined work force will enhance preparation for the future of work.

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Author: Ekoja Okewu
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