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Films have existed for several decades, and it has acted as a vital tool that

has shaped the world positively and negatively Africa as a continent was

able to get rid of some of her fetish practices like human sacrifices, killing

of twins, religion and a host of others through the influence of the Western

film industry. On the contrary, the Western world through her films have

negatively influenced our society in the area of dressing, morality, music

etc. A typical African lady is known to dress decently and responsible but

the influence of Western culture have made our sisters to dress in a

seductive manner to provoke lust in men. Nigerian boys are not left

out of the poor influence of foreign culture, but have copied the dressing

of convicts in foreign lands through films. Most of the prisoners were not

being provided with belts because of the perceived damage they could

cause with them and this made their trousers to sag out of their will.

Nigeria. This in combination with other factors has made the  “Nigeria”, to

project a bad image to the world. The Nigeria film industry is the largest in

Africa and it’s watched in many homes across the world. I was amazed

sometime back during a chatting session with one of my facebook friend

from East Africa when she said, “She has been watching Nigeria movies

and will try to visit the country someday”. “If a foreigner could say this about

our film industry, it means we can collectively rewrite our image as a great

nation through film.

The world at large has lost its bearing on the morality axis and they are

looking for every possible way to find back her bearing. Nigeria film

industry can be the answer to the cry of the world.

Culture can be defined as the total way of life. It encompasses food,

clothing, language, music, etc. One unique aspect of culture that has been

endowed to Nigeria by nature is the gift of language. Despite the variation

among the languages, Nigeria has been able to remain as one nation.

Short films that display varieties of our languages will help in projecting

to the world that Nigeria is a nation united despite diversity in language.

I have had encounters with Westerners who during our conversation,

displayed their level of ignorance about Africa. Most of them have a wrong

picture of Africa and have concluded that it is just a single country ravaged

by poverty. I am of the opinion that films be short in different locations of

Nigeria and Africa to erode the ignorance that abound in the mind of the

Western world about our landscape.

 Corruption can be said to be the process by which a word or expression

is changed from its original state to one regarded as erroneous or debased

stories of corruption have continuously hot the world media about Nigeria

but employing Nigeria film can help to redeem her image. Most people

involved in the act of corruption learnt it from the media. Children who

spent all their time watching war movies are mostly the ones who end up

carrying guns to steal, commit crime and agitate for secession. Acting films

where Nigerians will obey traffic rules, avoid taking of giving bribe, work

hard to earn a living instead of stealing will go a long way in shipping the

mind of Nigerian youths and project us as a great Nation to the world at


The location that comes to the thought of any man about where to spend

holiday or for tourist attraction has always been Las Vegas, Paris, etc.

Why not Nigeria? The film industry has a great part to play to

make Nigeria attractive to the rest of the world. Shooting movies around

tourist centres like Yankari game reserve, river Niger and Benue will

help to draw the attention of tourists to the country. They will in turn,

publicise Nigeria as a great nation to the rest of the world.

In addition, nature has so blessed Nigeria with natural with natural ranging

from crude oil, agricultural produce, gold, coal, limestone etc. but this has

not been well exploited for the good of man. The Nigeria film industry

should make urgent efforts to display our resources in movies to the rest

of the world so as to draw in foreign investors.

On the 25th of December 2009, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab attempt to

bomb an airplane projected Nigeria as a terrorist nation to the rest of the

world. This however was however not true as his dad reported his son to

security agents concerning his strange behaviour. For the country to

prove this allegation wrong, shooting a film that will tell the story to the

world about what really transpired in the Mutallabs’ incidence show how

the Nigerian society discourage terrorism will help to redeem our image

as an anti-terrorist nation.  

Finally, I want to thank the organizers of this essay for this platform and

beckon on them not to relent on their effort in using film as a tool to project

the value of Nigeria as a great Nation. If the Western film industry was able

to corrupt Nigeria through her films, Nigeria film industry too can turn the

world to a corrupt free world by the grace of God. Amen      

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Author: Ekoja Okewu
I am Ekoja Solomon from Nigeria. I love engaging in writeups that spur humanity into action


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