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Why am I excited

His voice, so deep

His lips, soft and supple

His eyes, dangerous and dark

Wait, am I being watched?


His scent doesn't leave me

His embrace, so powerful and endearing

I touch it. Stop!

I lull myself to sleep with his memories

Wait, does he even like me?


I watch him work out

Break a sweat

By now you can imagine my anticipation, my regret

I'm wet...

Wait, is he in a relationship?


We speak, of course I show my vulnerable side

He lips now twisted

Legs cramped from trying to clench my juices undone

Wait, should I tell him?


I waited and watched

While he was baited and caught

Wait, am I still waiting?


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Form of Poetry

Dramatic Monologue

Author: Shawna-Lee Lawrence
I am a poet at heart, so wildly in love with the imagination and the fruit bears from my soul
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