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Enjoy yourself,the present is yours to live, 

the future is yours to take,to write.


I will teach you,nurture and cherish you,

equip you to be all you can be

I am here for you now

enjoy your self-expressions

as you grow,more about yourself

and others you will know.


Know that you are mine 

and I want you to shine

know that I am here to wipe 

your tears,dissuade your fears,

soothe your bothrsome cares

dress your cuts,share your sorrows,

protect you from real danger.

I am here to listen and to give advice 

to direct you and discern your needs

and assess your deeds.


It will be hard to let you go 

to even be far from you, 

darling dear.

From conception I desired 

you to be a replica of me.

i want to give you all that I 

did not get

All that you desrve and need

Guide you to fulfill your dreams

Lead you to relax by the stream.


I know you can never be exactly 

like me

You are your own person;

programed with your own identity.

Have your own thoughts and desires.

Your path will even be so very different from mine,

Yet I am content to know that I am just a 


You are not a replica but a Designer's original.







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Form of Poetry

I do not know?

Author: Candace Henry-McDonald
From a tender age I have been in love with writing. In grade four I wrote a composition about my parish. I specialize in articles,short stories,poems and essays. I love to create short stories from everyday happenings. Short stories are created with a dollop of humor. It is my pleasure to showcase my talent to the world.


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