Saying Goodbye To Summer

Written by Waveney Lander-Walters |
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Saying goodbye to September

All New York is a cold. And everywhere

Show signs of winter, when the winds blow,

It made one’s shiver to the bone: clogged tear ducts

There isn’t any more heat in the air,

Downpour of tropical rain, falling leaves appears

With golden and brown colors: Halloween theme

Not a good day to leave one bed, oh! Dear

Or go shopping to grab the Columbus’s day savings

Nothing more than a  tasering prank on all of us

Was the summer gone to soon?

Did we ever enjoy the summer moon?

How did we jump from a day by the pool?

To a frigid night of the living dead:

Where the entire city dweller faces seem unmoved

When the heart was touch by the warmth

of summer romance and the sunshine and secrets

Nightly visitors: those dancing crickets. Duels:

How can we not disavow the breeze of the wind?

Pomegranates juices hang heavily on my stomach tonight.

I cannot express how I really feel in the poem today…


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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Waveney Lander-Walters
A nurse by day a poet by night


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