Screams, Screeches, Groans and Wails

Written by Paghunda Zahid |

Screams, screeches, groans and wails,

Brutalities, agonies, torture, and blood,

Tear Gases, pallet guns, bullets and bombs

Humanity sobs, world is falling apart


Kids are blinded,

Men are jailed

Women are molested

The old are tortured


Luckily, you have food

Billions are starving

You have a warm blanket

Trillions live under the frigid sky


Dreams are murdered

voices are unheard

Wishes are being blurred

Every heart has become graveyard 


Sweet Melodies step down as Sighs take over the throne 

Raibow of Joy is washed by the deluge of tears 

Soul of humanity becomes a pray of endless wild Forest of wars

Even the sun refuses rise above the Plumb, snowy mountains


Yet you say world is beautiful??

For you are at peace....

Come out of your palace

You will see... 

Sky painting itself red! 

Butterflies renouncing their dreams,

Birds with trimmed wings,

Blood oceans, barren trees, burnt houses,

Teared eyes, and shattered bodies


Earth is ugly

Earth is savage

Earth is a cage

Earth is a jinxed place


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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Paghunda Zahid
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