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What IS the answer? We all have seen the inhumanity which apparently has infiltrated many police departments across our country. The behavior of racist cops is totally unacceptable, horrifying and disgusting. Must we watch people being murdered? Must we accept it? No, there has got to be a better way.

So, what comes next? Can we weed out all the racists from the polce departments across our country? I doubt it. They are very good liars. They can speak the right words but their heart and beliefs are not in accord with fair justice and equality for all. So, even if somehow we could get rid of the police, what comes next? Martial law? It appears so. Our president holds the Holy Bible in his hands, looks at the cover where it says clearly 'Holy Bible" and also the back of the book where there is no print, and he Chooses to hold up the back, plane, with no words to show it is a bible he is holding up. All his talk about worship in our country, in our churches being so important to him, in my mind has just went down the drain. Next time he proclaims the importance of worship, I shall only respond by thinking, 'nice try.' I have to wonder what kind of worship is so important to him??? 

It wasn't that long ago when I heard a gentleman who channels a group of spirits from the other side of the veil, and proclaimed that he was speaking for God, the Father, he said, "Behold, I make all things new." Who ever said change was easy?

Can our military really shoot to kill it's own citizens? Will they? The thing is this, if Trump designates Antifa as a terrorist group, and then declares war on them, HE becomes the only 5 Star General in the United States. All presidents accept that responsibility with their acceptance of the presidentcy. When that happens, HE controls the military.

When we look at responsibility for the anger and looting across the United States we can blame the long standing history of violence at the hands of those whom have sworn to protect and serve, but we must also look at the media. If I watch the news all day long, for only one day, I have been shown Mr Floyd's murder more than one hundred times. Is that not inciting anger? Oh yes. Anger and righetous judgment, plus swift punishment. We all want swift justice and we all know that the 3 policemen with their kness on Mr. Floyd ahould all be charged with premeditated murder. Especially when the Media shows us that the police once had him in the atuomobile with two policemen pulling his legs in opposite directions, as if to split him in half, or break a hip at the least. The one policeman should be charged as an accomplice to murder. They should all end up in the same prisions where any other criminal is housed. No special treatment. Yes, we all want justice. Because of the media, I am now privy to Mr. Floyd's last words, "Oh, Mom.." as if to say, 'Oh Mom, look what they've done to your son.' Makes me and every other mother in America cry. While his mother had been dead for more than two years.

The media must accept responsibility for inciting rage.

All of this at a time when less than two months ago the states were emptying out their prisions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. All those criminals out there with nowhere to go, 'nothing to do,' have found refuge in inciting war. What are the answers? I believe one answer is to charge those policemen, not just the one who is going down for all of them, no, we want them all charged, just as any group of black men whom had committed the crime would have all been charged by now. America wants fair justice and equality.

Where do we go from here? 





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