Shot in his behind

Written by Robert Kinard |
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Shot in his behind

Wendell just getting off work,
And was headed home

by way of his favorite place to chill,
a lively place called
Pharaoh’s bar & grill.
With the hope of winning,
his retirement one day,
Wendell stepped into
bucks shoeshine parlor
to play the lottery and
a few numbers.
234, 485, 492,
Little Pucci
who is not so little.
A young punk
always up to know good.
And one of the reasons
this is a ruff neighborhood.
Threatening Wendell’s life,
when he stepped in front of him and

pulled out a knife.
Pucci said
“Alright give me the money”
What Pucci didn’t know,
last week Wendell had gone
to a gun show.
And he bought something
small and cute
And wasn’t afraid to shoot.
Wendell pulls out
a black 9 mm Glock.
Wendell says with a smile
Now this don’t look right!
Looks like you brought a knife
to a gun fight.
Now! give me yo money!
Pucci broke into a sprint.
Running away and yelling
Man!! F**k!! You!!
Shaking his head
Wendell said with a smile
not tonight!
And you can take this with you!
Little Pucci who’s not so little.
Found his way
to the emergency room
after being shot twice
in his behind.
believe it or not
one bullet in each cheek,
put Pucci in a better
frame of mind.
After walking funny
for more than three weeks.
He found gainful employment
as a factory worker.
Where he never sat down
on the job.

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Robert Kinard
Robert Lee Kinard, 61 Born and raised in Buffalo New York, who lives in Williamsburg Va former soldier, work as club DJ and Now a Poet My pin name is The Poor Man's Poet.


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