Sintra's Quinta da Regaleira: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

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As one of Portugal's fifteen UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Quinta da Regaleira is one of the country's most famous and breathtaking historical sites. Located on the picturesque Portuguese Riviera in the municipality of Sintra, only thirty minutes away from Lisbon, the site is one of the many enchanting palaces located in the forests of the region. Exploring this enchanting historical site will take you back into history and be an unforgettable day trip.

Quinta da Regaleira looks like the setting of a fairy tale with its Gothic architecture and the lush greenery that surrounds the lands of the palace. Explore the five floors of the magnificent castle and feel as if you are a royal in another era, taking in the Romantic style of structure, which is representative of the nineteenth century period when it was built. Enjoy the magnificent Catholic chapel on the grounds of the estate with its lavish frescoes and enchanting stained glass windows of famous Portuguese saints. Spend time deciphering the symbols of the building as the creator of the estate, António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro, sought to incorporate architectural styles of the past with practices of organizations like the Knights Templar, alchemists, and Freemasons.

One of the most unforgettable activities of Quinta da Regaleira is to tour its mysterious landscape. Find yourself enraptured by the different features of the park with parts of it neatly arranged by an architect into magnificent gardens and other parts of the landscape unkept to capture the feel of a spooky, medieval forest. Tour the tunnels spread throughout the grounds of the estate to explore grottoes and caves as well as some lakes located on the property. Even more fascinating are the various wells and fountains on the property which were once used for initiation into various mythical movements of the nineteenth century. You can even tour what was once an aquarium on the estate that was located inside an enormous rock.

The history and mysticism of the land can be seen even more when you climb the hills, from which you can see other palaces in Sintra such as The Castle of the Moors and Pena Palace. Located in such a historical region of Portugal, you will find an abundance of hotels and restaurants in the area of Sintra. Take yourself away from the fast paced life of Lisbon and explore the mesmerizing Quinta da Regaleira, it is a site that should not be missed.

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