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Travelers who want to be more in tune with the culture can learn the official language, European Portuguese, online. Podcasts, videos, and downloads are currently available. Whether you achieve fluency or familiarity, this is the quintessential Romance language. Teachers and translators are another option.

European Portuguese is also known as Lusitanian Portuguese. It is spoken with different accents in parts of Africa, East Timor and Macau. The language is Latin based with Greek and Arabic influence. History of the origin date back to the 12th century formation of Portugal as a country. European Portuguese is the standard for Portuguese as a second language.

European Portuguese is the co-official language with Chinese in Macau and Tetum in East Timor. The language is Latin based with Greek and Arabic influence. European Portuguese is the standard for Portuguese as a second language.

There is a traditional difference with Brazil’s Portuguese version. In Brazil, this language is spoken with a set of dialects of the original language, with changes of orthography. The differences are quite apparent with grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary for each of the two. Additionally, the language is very similar to Galego, the native language of the small province of Galicia, Spain

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