Spirits Thunder

Written by M.L. Kiser |
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Sometimes the road will curve to meet one’s soul

as the swooping thunderbird curves on curling winds

and drops to its’ mountain perch.


Within the curve life takes its’ possession

of my thoughts, dreams, fears and yearnings

they merge and I fly.


Not to follow ones’ own souls’ guidance

is to be lost and without any home,

an empty shell of the past.


Mortals are not perfect,

we are prisoners of the physical, the ego.

We become addicts to greed and slaves to ignorance.


Such addiction sours the soul and

deadens our inner light leaving us stagnant.


Souls, the spirit of God within us, have lived eons.

Mortality is brief, yet we waste it with our ego.


The thunder of the souls’ wings,

across our seemingly endless path of life keeps on

banging and pounding to get our attention.


Reach out to the thunderous echoes,

listen to it’s call and learn that there are more

lessons than a mortal can ever complete.


Let the thunder tell you universal secrets;

then soar with your own soul as the thunderbird

does across the skies.


Copyright, 2020, M.L. Kiser


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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: M.L. Kiser
I've been writing since I was around 12 years old; have many poems and love reading poetry, as well. I've had children's stories published and several poems. I had two short stories published in an anthology in 2019. I also enjoy writing articles and short stories. Please peruse my work and I hope that it brings into your life, something wonderful.
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